Friday, October 23, 2009

Anniversary Hash Day 1

So the insanity of the St. Kitts Hash House Harriers 15-year anniversary has officially begun. Last night, we all met at the Shipwreck beach bar on Friar's Bay and got things rolling. The whole theme of the weekend is "pirates," so here's Michael getting ready. He's feathering his "mustache."

Once we got there, we picked up a goody bag that had swords, eye patches, and other assorted piratey things (as well as stuff from our sponsors). Here we are in full regalia.

Tina & I mutiny-ing against Mikey.

Tina enjoying a little mutton.

There actually weren't too many people who dressed up this time. Tomorrow we're supposed to wear something pirate-like to hike in and then change into another pirate costume for that night's dinner. Then Sunday, we're supposed to dress up again. There aren't too many people with an entire pirate wardrobe, so I guess people were pacing themselves. We may just wear the same thing. But here's a few people who got into it.

Then we got divided up into teams for games we'll be competing in over the weekend. We're the "Scurvy Dogs." Aawhooooooooooooo. We howl while our competition, the "Scallywags" go "Aaaaargh." There's a 3rd team, but I never got their names. Here's everyone aarghing and awoooing as the appropriate flag comes up.

Our flag and our captain.

Others took pictures too, so once I get more, I'll post them. Gonna be a looong weekend. Tonight...the bearded ladies, red dress, rum run. Who thinks of this stuff?