Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anniversary Hashing Day 2

The red-dressed, bearded ladies rum run is now behind us. We have officially embarrassed ourselves all over the city of Basseterre. That had to be one of the weirdest things we've ever done. The locals thought we were all dressed up for Christmas or something - how to explain the black beards and men in dresses, I'm not sure. I think Kathleen & Nat had the best beards of anyone.

These 2 weren't bad either.

Mike had tried to make us beards made of seaweed, but they didn't hold up long enough to use. Boo.

We started with a fashion contest which was pretty funny. One woman had "my" dress on - the shame!

Now you have to get a closer look at this dog, Charlie.

Did you see these? Yes, for some reason Charlie's owner, Laura, decided to put a set of balls on him (odd that someone would even manufacture these things, don't you think?).

What's weirder though is that Laura had on a set too. ??

Here's a look at some more costumes from folks getting their walking/running instructions.

We hit 6 bars and had 6 tickets to get a beer, soda, or water at each place. We got a VERY late start so were rushed from bar to bar, but we went to places we'd never been before which was fun. We did A LOT of walking and/or running though. A LOT. And it was incredibly hot (hard to believe it's the end of October, even the ocean has been pond-like). Look closely at some of the pictures and you can see people bathed in sweat. Here are a few bar scenes (unfortunately many of our pictures came out blurry, so I'm hoping to "steal" a few from Krista & Tina once they post theirs on their Facebook pages).

At each place someone had to represent a team (the Buc-N-Beers, the Scallywags, and the Scurvy Dogs) and then chug a beer. Whoever drank it the fastest won for the team. No, neither of us did this (well, not officially anyway).

At some point, I mentioned that I was concerned how my hair looked (it was so humid out and my shadow was rather scary), so Tina did me the favor of pouring beer over my head. Um, thanks? So I had Pat help me use my bandanna as a pony-tail holder. Perfect. I don't think I'll make that mistake again, though.

Later, our flag was stolen (again), which resulted in a big scuffle with another team's flag resulting in their flag getting ripped. Now, now children!!!

When we made it back to the place we started, it was time to eat. We had catered food which included some excellent potato salad and an interesting yam "pie." Much needed.

I love the non-hashing locals trying to play pool pretending that they're not surrounded by men in red dresses.

Then it was time for a little dancing and then on to home.

Our excitement wasn't over, however, as we pulled up to our place only to find one of the patio doors wide open and the alarm going off. Our first thoughts, obviously, were the about the cats. A security guy came up to us and told us the alarm had been going off since after 8pm (it was now past midnight). He also said he had seen a couple of cats around. We came in, turned off the alarm, and out came a rather disturbed, but relieved Jack. Awesome! How about Zura? Amazingly, as we were wandering around outside calling her, she ran past us. She wouldn't come close enough for us to pick her up, but she did eventually run up to the porch where I let her back in. Whew. I can't believe how lucky we were there (them too). That was really nice of security to hang around until we got home to make sure that no one came in (or out) of our place. They supposedly tried to call us, but I didn't have my phone with me. These doors don't close easily, so obviously this one had not been latched properly (or locked, for that matter). So....we will now be checking behind each other to make sure that everything is locked up. We'll get the hang of this land living thing sooner or later.

Today it's hangover hashing on the northwest side of the island, more howling for our Scurvy Dog team (my poor throat), back to shower & change clothes, and then off to a dinner at a restaurant we've never heard of. You've got to give the organizers of this event credit for going to so much trouble. I mean, these guys have "real" jobs and are just volunteering to do all this work so we lushes can eat, drink and be merry.

A quick aside here - the Montserrat volcano is active again and giving us great sunsets. Unfortunately, it's giving its islanders lots of ash and crappy air too. Take a look at the Montserrat's Volcano Observatory website.