Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi guys! Welcome to our island blog. Take a moment to flit around and see the new stuff we've added. This is a major experiment. I really have no idea if I'll have enough to say to make this worthwhile, but blogging has been a good medium to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as a good way to document our lives (boring or otherwise). So, I'll give it a shot. If anyone has any input, email away (note new email when you click on Contact as well, we'll slowly retire the old one). I'll probably update once a week unless we have an abnormally busy day or two. We do have 4 days of hashing activities coming this Thursday...

BTW, we still don't miss Jacumba. We did have fun with the video of all the places she took us though, and have attached links to it to the right in case you need another fix once we've taken the other blog down.

We're still enjoying our new digs and have even gotten the first container of stuff we ordered drama-free. This one included, new sheets, carpet squares I designed into 2 bedroom rugs, a black shag living room rug, a George Foreman grill, and a few storage items. The next shipment should be our outdoor furniture - wahoo. JC Penney screwed up the shipment of our curtain order, so 1/2 our windows are covered. Better than nothing, I guess. Although after 2 break-ins last weekend, management put the flood-lights on next door. They shine right into our unit and right into our eyes if we're trying to sit outside. Last night, the power went out for about 5 hours and we were amazed at how dark it was - we'd forgotten (we do miss really dark anchorages). We will be asking for a respite from the spot lights tomorrow. If not, we'll start working on our shadow puppets.

Not only are we getting acclimated to our new digs, but here are a few pictures of things we've never had, ever, and are enjoying immensely here.

Ice maker.

Utility sink.

A place to sit or put my leg up on to shave my legs.

And 2 garbage bins that come out automatically when you open the kitchen cabinet drawer. Very nice.

We also finished the scratching post. The cats got pretty used to using the simple rug we threw down, but this gives them a little more of a jungle-gym affect.

We attended our first pool party the other night. It was a going away party for a couple heading to Cabo San Lucas (not a bad place to be either). You can't tell from the pictures, but there was quite a mish mash of people, from local contractors to employees to neighbors. With the gorgeous pool as a back drop, we felt like we were in South Beach, Miami. We have every intention of throwing our own pool party at some point.

And how many places can you live where monkeys run through your neighborhood?

No, this is not a bad way to live at all.