Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Things are quiet so here are a couple of really dumb things to ponder.

First of all, why did I get made fun of for my wedding dress ($50 on the prom-dress rack back in the 80s)? (And ignore my nasty look, I was shooting daggers at my Mom for not walking with me down the stairs.)

When almost 20 years later, Beyonce wore this and was given a big thumbs up? Wha? I didn't show enough leg? Cleavage?

And do I really look like Kendra from Playboy? Yep, she's my supposed look-alike.

I have amazingly had a 1/2 dozen people say, "You know who you look like"? As a matter of fact, Mr. X now calls me Kendra (even behind my back). Yeah, sure with blonde hair, big boobs, no sun damage, no wrinkles, and 20 years sheered off my age - maybe slightly. I suppose this is a step up from Barbie. You know, I think I'll take either one. Particularly since this is more how I see myself. (BTW, this is not a fish for compliments, just things that make you go hmmm.)

More news of the mundane... When we first moved into this place, we borrowed a big TV that had been sitting in storage from a CH employee. We don't really watch that much TV since we don't get the channel choices we like here (like the Comedy Channel), but what little we do watch comes in pretty shades of pink, blue and green since moisture must have made its way inside. The picture quality overall wasn't that great either, but beggars can't be choosy and we've been quite satisfied. Until now...

I and the new boat owner agreed on a trade - spares & charts for a 19" monitor/tuner to use as a 2nd TV. We just got that today and my eyes about popped out of my head when I saw how sharp the picture was. You mean, the Philadelphia Eagles team didn't change their uniforms to pink while they were on one side of the field and then switch to green on the other? The people on the Amazing Race aren't wearing psychedelic colors and don't have blue faces? I'm almost disappointed! Jeez, funny what you get used to. Awesome. Now we can make some nachos, turn our upstairs patio gravity chairs toward the new TV, and watch the Eagles lose the next game. Nifty.

The complex just installed a motion sensor on our porch (in addition to our previous alarm setup, new flood lights, and new security bars !!??). You certainly have to admit they're taking their residents' safety seriously. Works for us!