Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo! Halloween at the Marriot

Happy Halloween everybody! A quick catch-up first: Friday night (around 6) we delivered some DJ equipment to a student Halloween party for John who was out of town. We were supposed to meet Laura (why is she in every one of our blog entries?) for her to set the system up, but she didn't show (and stopped answering her cell phone). Luckily, the DJ knew what to do (well, he thought he did) so we left and headed for the Shiggidy Shack. Guess who was there...Laura... Hard to get used to this "whatever" mentality people have here. She apparently decided to head over to the party at around 8, where they were still trying to figure out how to hook up the amplifier to the laptop (no music until then). That stinks...oh well, not our problem. We went for "a drink" only to end up once again closing the place, hanging out with Tina and the bar's owner, Mr. X, with him buying us drinks all night (he was actually trying to silence us after telling us a few stories he didn't want to see on our blog - my lips are least until next Friday, hee hee). We really have to stop doing that though. It always seems like such a good idea at the time. Mike had to go back to the now-over student party anyway and pick up some of the pricier equipment, so that kind of worked out (kind of).

Then it was Halloween. Spooky...The guy who was supposed to pick up the speakers from that student party didn't show (no longer amazed by this), so we had to partner with Tina (who has John's van) and get them. Also time to take the cats in for vaccinations. They weren't "talking" to us for a while after that. We couldn't decide what the heck we were going to be, so were hoping to get some ideas from the trick-or-treaters rapping on our door. A villa resident actually gave candy to any tenants who wanted to indulge the miniature ghosts & goblins passing through (thanks Jen!). Unfortunately, we ran out long before all the kids came by. Horrors! Again, most of the pics came out blurry (??!!), but here are a couple.

More staring at closet and then I ended up being the school girl again (remember prior hash) and Michael was...

Note sponges attached to shirt. His name tag "My Name is Bob." Sponge Bob...get it? Tina was an 80s chick (think Cindi Lauper). We headed for the party at the Marriott around a quarter til 11 and joined about a dozen other revelers (mostly Marriott employees). At least the tiny group of people were dressed up and dancing. We went out to boogie too.

I love the Erkel one. The resort did a pretty good job decorating. Even had 3 or 4 movie screens up showing scary movies.

Islanders don't leave home until midnight, so things did pick up a bit later. There was so much mist blowing around, it was hard to take pictures though.

Nice to see mostly locals hanging out, but that meant a switch to soca music (Tina was smart enough to wear ear plugs). We can only handle so much of that. Once Bob, I mean Michael, started taking out his frustrations on the skeleton, we knew it was time to leave, so left around 2am feeling like we'd just been through Carnival.

Next up? Tina & I think we're heading out on Mr. X's motorcat (you never know), while Mike watches both his Phillies & Eagles get walloped (hee hee).