Friday, November 6, 2009

You Can't Go Home Again

Well, I was asked to help out on some issues the new boat owners were having and am still shaking my head at the poor condition Jacumba is in right now. The family has had a bunch of personal issues come up, with the husband stuck in Europe and the wife raising 3 young kids, one of them a newborn, but the boat is not being understanding about all that. I kayaked out while the father-in-law snorkeled out. Confusion about the ampage usage and the method of charging has allowed the house batteries to get dangerously low. So 6 AGM batteries we paid $300/each for 3 years ago so they'd last 10 years (and give us more money in a sale - ha!) may now be ruined. The boat hasn't been cleaned since we left it. The interior is turning black from the mold (bleach & brush please), the outside metal is corroding (polish, polish, polish), the fiberglass is a mess with pollution and fish parts (nothing salt water and a scrub brush can't fix), and the cushions are stained with snaps torn off (they were the most uncomfortable things though and starting to disintegrate from all my cleaning, so if they get new ones they're ahead of the game). The sea glass I picked up in the Bahamas and edged the outside table with are mostly removed and have been being used as water-skipping stones (admittedly, they were a pain in the butt, but now the table looks bad). Seriously, it's just such a shame. I really hope once the husband gets back, he can get it back up to speed, and that they find the time to take care of it. Even with all the work we put into her, Jacumba was starting to show her age. She is definitely NOT liking the current arrangement though and is going to start acting out at some point. They'll start paying monetarily for the inattention soon, if it hasn't started already. It sucks we all have to learn this stuff the hard way. We did (our broker is still shaking his head over some of the stupid stuff we did) and now they will too, apparently. Well, the only thing that's going to shake my sadness about it all is knowing that it's not my boat anymore! Ha! Yippee!! I am going to hang out by the pool someone else has to clean ALL day tomorrow and not do a darn thing. Yep, this was a good idea.