Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday Party on a Cat

Saturday we spent recovering from Friday with the usual pact that we'd never do that again - which we haven't. We also later discovered that had we gone to The Strip at 3am for J'Ouvert, we would have been the only ones, so are are glad we decided (sort of) to sleep instead.

Lately we've had a cat in heat howling outside our windows every day/night, another cat spraying our front door (P.U.), and monkeys right outside our windows. Can you spot the one in the tree? Also 2 on our retaining wall. Why we keep the cats indoors...

Yesterday was fellow hasher and islander Tanya's birthday and she and her family put out a global invite to family and friends to party on one of the large charter catamarans built and operated here. Here's the whole family decked out in yellow t-shirts commemorating the event.

Then we were off. Here's the crew putting up the sail. It just never gets old to watch someone else do this. Mike's checking out the trim to make sure it's optimum.

Yep, no problem. Time to take a snooze.

First stop, Shitten Bay for some snorkeling. Tanya, kids, and hubby (Charlie) heading down the stairs to see some fish.

The water's gotten a little colder, so you know I didn't get in, but here are the other brave souls.

Michael ran across this underwater centipede. The long fish, I usually call a needlenose, is a gar.

Then it was time for lunch.

Off to Reggae Beach for some beach time. I love how these boats can come up right on the beach like this.

A little Carib product placement. No, seriously, Tanya & I were handed these with labels just right. Thank you Carib...Maybe you'll see us in their next ad - ha!

Back onto the boat and then out came the birthday cake - with mini-fireworks, no less.

More music. The Macarena? No!!!

Oddly, there are a lot of big motor-yachts anchored around the island. St. Kitts isn't usually a destination for these types of boats as there really aren't any services for them - the only small marina here doesn't even have fuel. This, of course, is why there are plans on the table for larger, more well-equipped marinas, but in the meantime, it's strange to have about 6 of these huge boats floating nearby.

Kids having fun on trampolines.

Adults having fun on the rest of the boat.

Back to the dock and the end of a really fun Christmas weekend. What are we doing for New Years? No idea. Probably head to the beach one day and hike the next. We can just sleep through the count down and then scream "happy new year!" first thing in the morning. The Carnival costume parade will be New Years day too, so we'll definitely hit that.

Hope you all have been having fun too! Have a great new year everybody!