Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Madness

Well that was fun! Pat and Steve set this hash and it was another good one. Well, I thought the walking trail was anyway (no thorns or slippery slopes - yay!). Michael got separated from the runners within the first 10 minutes and couldn't find the trail again (some hound). He ended up just circling back and waiting for everyone. He was not happy. Somehow he still managed to take a major spill and cut himself though - klutz. I have to wonder how the running group could have lost Michael with all those bells on his costume.

A lot less people seem to be dressing up for these things lately - how hard is it to find a green shirt and pin a gift bow on it or something? - but there were a few out there. Everyone kept insinuating that we had pulled our costumes out of our kinky bedroom wardrobe, but I can honestly say that it has NEVER been my fantasy to see Michael in an elf costume...It turns out we were standing on a red-ants nest to pose for this picture and we have the welts on our ankles to prove it. I hate it when that happens.

Here are a few more festive folks.

And the runners are off.

Walkers too.

I was behind these 2 for a while. I love the guy on the left. He always dresses rather formerly for the hikes. Sometimes he even wears a tie. And he barely breaks a sweat. Strange but impressive.

A few vista shots along our meandering hike.

Past some animals.

Across some railroad tracks.

The runners returning triumphantly. And the walkers too. Notice Pat's parents in the chairs on the side of the road cheering everyone on. Hasher groupies!

I seem to keep my own pace. Lonely Ms. Claus returning.

And we're back! Time for music, food, and drink!

And now the ceremonies. There are times when a hasher does something so memorable that it results in them getting assigned a hash name. It's quite an honor. Thanks to Michael's Christmas attire, he is now known amongst the hashing crowd as "Jingle balls." I'm so proud. Here he is going through his initiation.

I got dragged up there next because they noticed Mike's new sneakers. I was supposed to show true love by drinking from his stinky shoe, but that was NOT going to happen. Instead I threw the beer that was poured in it at Mike (and any innocent bystanders - sorry about that!). Love, Schmove - that's just gross.

Whoever sets the hash is supposed to drink up too, but Steve poured his over Pat's head (who, of course, returned the favor). Good times.

Next up. Santa Claus paid us a visit! Here's Ella sharing her wish list and getting a gift.

And here's Percy. Naughty or nice? I wonder...

Both of our cameras were dead by this point, but I think someone got a picture of Michael taking his turn with the Big Guy. If I get it, I'll be sure to share. Because the temperatures had been so much cooler, meaning much less sweat, dirt, and smell, we had no problem staying all the way to the end, socializing and sharing in the Christmas spirit(s). Really fun! And no rain! It's really a shame more people don't take part in the Hash House Harrier's, it's a great way to meet people, get some exercise, and see a country. Wikipedia has a great tutorial on how the HHH got started and if you're inspired to see if there's one where you live (and I'm sure there will be), you can check here.

Lest you wonder if they celebrate Christmas in the islands, the answer is yes, and they even have Christmas trees. These came all the way from Canada! Let the Christmas carols commence.