Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Slow - A visit to StoneWalls

Hi guys. Not a whole lot happening here. Mike works. I write. Ho hum...

We did get our screens in and are really enjoying the extra air minus the biting insects. Jack likes them too.

Friday was the usual happy hour at The Dock for a bit. Here's a picture of the crowd.

Saturday we spent a pretty good amount of time at the pool. We hadn't seen much of the sun and were quite happy to enjoy it while it was out. We wandered around town a bit trying to find some plain t-shirts with no luck so then headed over to Stone Walls for a drink trying to kill some time before we went to see the movie Avatar. We've been taking advantage of other people's decorations, so here's Stone Wall's Christmas tree.

And here's Mikey seeing if there's a gift for him in one of the stockings.

Nothing in the sock, but the rum punch on the bar was yummy. I headed to the pond and hung out with the wood cat.

As far as the movie, the affects were interesting, but despite the ending, it was rather depressing. Conservatives and anyone like the troll Cheney will hate the moral of the story. It was a bit like Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, only with blue people instead of black (and no this, movie is not for young kids either). Of course, the next day in the paper was a story about the latest exploitation of and environmental raping of another country for its gold, so the Avatar story-line is all too real, but the truth is just depressing. The popcorn was good though!

Sunday we were having ash blown our way from the volcano on the nearby island of Montserrat. The St. Kitts airport even shut down for awhile. Our eyes felt like sandpaper. There's a fine grit all over everything. If we're getting this much ash, I can't imagine what the homes on Montserrat look like right now. This was what was outside on our bedroom deck.

This was what was inside. Jack, always helpful, rolling around in it before I could get it in the dust pan. Stupid cat...

This week, Mike's going to enjoy having a day off. Christmas Day we'll go to a potluck in the afternoon. Saturday at 3am, we may participate in one of the Carnival's events called J'Ouvert Jam. The celebration involves calypso/soca bands and their followers dancing through the streets. The festival starts well before dawn and peaks a few hours after sunrise. Carnival got started when the slaves couldn't take part in the French masquerade parties. J'Ouvert got going after emancipation when the freed slaves were able to party in the streets unmasked. on some islands, like Grenada, the revelers grease and paint themselves. Luckily, they don't do that here. Here I think we basically walk around in various themed groups for a few hours. John's theme is Love and he hands out condoms. We figured, we have to try everything once. Why not this? The costumed part of Carnival is New Year's Day.

Tonight, we'll drive around a bit and see if we can find any interesting Christmas light displays to get you all in the Christmas spirit. Although the cold weather and snow hitting the States probably already has you seeing reindeer (or maybe it's the eggnog...). Be safe everyone!