Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party all Night Long

We've had some seriously strange weather for the past few weeks. It is thankfully much, much cooler and we are very relieved and grateful for that. Except that now it's wet!

It's kind of like how you hear it is in the Caribbean. Lots of intermittent showers. Only it hadn't really been that way here, until now. We've been either anchored off of or living on St. Kitts for a year now, unbelievably, and it was not like this last winter. The summer had so little rain drought conditions were setting in. Not any more!! We're glad to have the rain, but it is hard to do anything. I get drenched every morning run, can't walk into town because I know I don't have enough time to get there before the next downpour, and Mike's cursing because he can't get any work done. High winds make an umbrella impractical. Our pals have been hunkered down on their boats in various locations for almost 3 weeks now and hoping this weird weather and the 14' seas that came with it let up next week so they can get moving again.

From the "what the?" files: About 2am this morning, I could hear some music and the occasional voice coming from the direction of The Strip over the hill about a mile away. When I got up at 6am, I could still hear it. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to know where it was coming from and wondered if whoever it was even had an audience at that hour. In the rain even, it had poured a lot throughout the night.

The ruckus was coming from a small tent-bar on the northwest side of The Strip. The guy in the orange shirt was singing/rapping to music blaring from this speaker.

And yes, he did have an audience. As Michael was pulling in, a truck filled with guys was just leaving. So at 6am, this one-man entertainment actually had a couple dozen people partying with him. He didn't shut down until 7:30am, when the other bar owners were getting their bars ready for the new day. Weird.

What have I been doing this week? I started on my book about our boating experiences!! I've gotten up to the point we sailed from Miami to the Bahamas and were left to our own inexperienced devices after sending our Captain back to the States. It's been a lot of fun so far. Feels good to be doing something productive again, too.

Mike's going to attempt to put together some screens for our French doors today (he's not the most handy person, so this should be entertaining; but he's willing to give it a shot and I'm not, so kudos to him). We'll be able to open the doors and enjoy this cool weather while keeping the bugs out and the cats in. Nifty.

Later today - Christmas hash! I kind of wonder sometimes if the hits I get on this blog are from potheads searching for the word "hash" and hitting our site. Sorry guys, not that kind of hash... Anywho, our very first hash here was the Christmas one, so it's a little poignant for us. We were shivering in the mountains then and will likely be shivering again, but this time I'll be prepared! More later...