Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why we don't plan

Well, it rained today...a lot... so no trip to Nevis this weekend. Boo.

Before it rained however, we got to go to a party held at Turtle Estates at the very tip of the Peninsula. There's a big development with lots of varied architectures with fantastic views down there. I was really curious to see what a house up there looked like on the inside, so it was fun to get that chance. We didn't take too many pictures as to not be too intrusive plus, as usual, a lot of them came out blurry, but the place was definitely very much our style.

Here was a look from the back patio, through the narrow living room, to the outer entry way with fountain.

Of course, there had to be a pool.

The patio was nice and big with lots of access to kitchen, living room, pool, seating, outside bar. Yep, we could live there...

Here were the hosts.

Here were some of the party goers. The point of the party was to let the crew from the nice yacht enjoy some time off and be entertained for a change.

Saturday was house projects and then the rain came. We went driving around a bit just to get outside a bit and saw Jacumba out on the water. There's a small craft advisory today, it was windy, and there she was with the sails unreefed. Yep, apparently these guys are going to learn everything the hard way too. I really need to finish my book and give them a free copy... She looked good though. And no, we still don't miss her.

Oh, and we had a panini at Ziggy's. It was so nice to eat something different. They're used to Rasta's and Indians who tend to not eat meat, plus a lot of the veterinary students are vegetarians so we don't exactly stand out as "abnormal" here. Well, not in relation to the lack of meat thing anyway...Not many people consistently eat popcorn or cereal for dinner...Now we enjoy the cooler temperatures.