Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Day in Nevis

So it was back on the ferry for us! This time we took the car. They do pack 'em in.

Mike & I getting into the spirit.

We had always wanted to see the Nisbet Plantation. Our sailboat cruising guides had mentioned the place, but it was too reefy to take the big boat and too rough to take the dinghy. By car - no problem. It was really beautiful. Some of the buildings date back to the late 1700s! The beach was amazing. Yep, we could stay there...

Then we ran across some ruins of a sugar cane processing, um, thingy.

I thought Michael looked really good in this picture. Good shot Mom!

It seems cotton is grown everywhere.

We were really excited to see Montserrat, but the volcanic activity and humidity kind of dampened the view. Boo. That clearer, small mound in the front is actually Redondo (an empty rock).

If you didn't already see these, I still recommend viewing the pictures taken by Jim & Wendy on Merengue as seen from Antigua. The pictures are so good, I might just print one and frame it!

Then we headed for Montpelier, another plantation. Its claim to fame is that Admiral Nelson got married to Fanny Nisbet (from Nevis) here.

They had used an old sugar cane storage "silo" into a seating area.

Here's a view from inside the structure, looking up.

Then we stopped inside a few grocery stores in the eternal search for soy hotdogs (no luck) until we reached downtown Charlestown. All the stores were closed, but the farmer's market was still open, so we bought some fruit and veggies. Not sure why I didn't take a picture of that...

Our last stop, was Coco Beach. We had heard about a great restaurant there that had a salt-water pool and a great beach. We had sailed there previously only to find it closed, so were happy to find it open this time. The name of the restaurant is Coconut Grove. What a spectacular structure! So intricate!

That statue is of a sumo wrestler basically doubled over. It's really cool. Michael couldn't help but get into the warrior state-of-mind.

We had some time to kill before the ferry ride back, so ate lunch there too. It was a bit pricy, but nothing like Oalie Beach and, in our opinion, with better surroundings. Certainly much better service.

When we were done, the bill was presented in a substantial coconut shell.

Once back to the ferry, we watched as yet another vehicle was shoved off via manpower. This time the problem was a flat tire.

We had another nice ride back.

Mike had to stop at his office to grab a charger, so here's his place of business.

Today, who knows? Beach, pool? Later, we'll head over to a small super-bowl party mainly to share good eats. Busy, busy...