Monday, February 1, 2010

The Mom is here!

Well after a few extra hours of plane de-icing in Charlotte and then finally making it into St Kitts only to find us not at the airport because the USAirways website said her plane was delayed when in fact it had landed, my Mom is officially on vacation. Sorry about that!

She wasn't really worried about us not coming to get her since she had a bunch of presents for us. Well, she was the present, but we were happy to see other goodies too. Half her suitcase was devoted to stuff we couldn't find here (t-shirts, pretzel rods, goldfish, makeup, and so on, and so on... Here's a bit of show and tell.

Even the kitties got presents.

We've been to the peninsula beaches (some of them) and to Port Zante for a little shopping so far. Mom's so glad to be warm that it really doesn't matter what we do. We had lunch at Spice Mill and really enjoyed a 2-man band (particularly when they lowered the volume a bit). Note that the water was too cold for even her, so beach time only. Of course, there were vista shots. A little construction going on here.

Here's Mom and me at one of the overlooks.

A rare photo of Mike and me together.

Today, I had to work a bit (helping behind the scenes). A bit different from my office in the States.

The expected cruise ship didn't come in, so Mom had the beach to herself. She was treated like royalty with her own chair and umbrella to keep her pale winter skin from getting too much sun. Again, no water time - brrrr (and you thought we were wimps - winter water is cold people!).

Then we did a little shopping, getting presents out of the way, hitting the produce market (which was a bit disappointing), tasting rum, buying rum and then enjoying some rum by the pool (still no swimming). Watched the sun set and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Not sure what's next on the tour, but know it won't involve snow.