Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pool, Beach, Water - ho hum

Let's see. Monday we spent at the Marriott and beach.

Tuesday we spent at the pool (that picture of me would never be on there if my Mom weren't egging me on...).

Wednesday we were invited by Mr. X to enjoy a sunset tour on his motorcat, the X-Press, with some folks from the Marriott. Sure! Before we left, this guy was getting into the moment.

Then this clipper ship popped out behind the rocks.

Oh no - they're going to collide!!!!

Just kidding. We had a good time on board. That's Michael wearing MY new sweatshirt. Better not be stretched out!

There's Mr. X enjoying himself.

Me and Ester (jack of all trades).

A few vista shots.

Most evenings have been spent on the patio.

Not a bad life. Jealous yet?