Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So over over the past couple of days the "E" key fell off my laptop (which is less than 2 years old), the "Z" is sticking (you use that more than you think!), and my space bar has been giving me a really hard time.

Yesterday, out of nowhere a cold front swept through and waves hit from the south and reeked havoc on plans to do a sunset boat cruise. See video below to see what fun that was getting away from the coast. The islands never get wind/waves from the southwest like this in the winter (not that often in the summer either!). The sea is a mess, but the ocean is like a bathtub. Weird. The skies even look like a hurricane looms. What the?!!

Also yesterday I dropped my darn computer. I didn't open it again until this morning. At 4:30am. Why not? The neighbor's alarm went off for 45 minutes starting at 3am. I was pleased when my computer started up but then got a bunch of ugly black lines all over the place and the computer froze. Drat. A reboot killed it completely. Double drat. Time to go running. Came back, took a shower and then lightly dropped the laptop again with nothing to lose. It worked! It's back on! I hurriedly did a backup (my last one had been about 3 weeks ago). Now if only the space bar hadn't just completely fallen off (a metal piece is broken).

Then went to the Shiggidy Shack to help X out with a marketing brochure only to find that 1) one of his boats had washed ashore - it missed the rocks by feet and sustained amazingly little damage; and 2) a number of viruses had hit his computer. Spent all day trying to help fix that.

While I was there, the guys from the bar ran up to me and told me Jacumba was on the move.

I called the new owner and got him on his way. Meanwhile, Mr. X and other local boat dudes swam or boated over and threw out another anchor to stop her slide to the beach. Peter & his 13-year-old son boogie boarded through the angry surf to start the engine and get the anchor up. Except that the swim ladder busted as he boarded the boat, he's on one engine thanks to a blown gasket, the anchor had somehow become detached from the boat (it's still on the sea bottom), and the rudder cable busted, forcing him to steer with a rod located on the cockpit floor where you can't see where you're going (I had to use that once in the Bahamas). He would have had a hard time fighting through those waves with 2 engines, 1 would have been impossible. Luckily, Mr.X used another of his boats (which was shoring up whatever else was bucking around out there), and dragged Jacumba into deeper waters which were ever-so-slightly calmer.

If that wasn't enough Peter tried to dinghy back to the beach in those breaking swells and flipped the dinghy (very dangerous). We noticed an oar was missing and looked out to see if it was floating out there, but apparently its disappearance had its own story. This poor man needs a serious hug...or something. The boat's on 2 smaller anchors right now and something tells me someone's going to have a long night.

I'm not sure if you can get the real affect here, but just look at the boats see-sawing. Can you say barf?

Michael later came to pick me up and told me his day wasn't much better. He & crew were moving trees and the hydraulic hose to the bobcat blew and the drive-shaft for the lull (forklift) broke.

I'd say it's time to call it a day.

Do you know how many times you hit the space bar when you're typing?? A LOT!! I have to find the little hole and push on it hard with my index finger. AAGH! So much for getting a scooter. A new computer it is...

This weird weather is supposed to last through tomorrow with another front right behind it, so I might help Peter move the boat some place safer tomorrow. If so, someone find me some motion sickness pills! Let's all get a good night's sleep.