Monday, February 8, 2010

We'll do both! Beach Day & PIzza Party!

Stop one? The one-day golf course. I've taken pictures of this a million times, so will only give you a couple as a reminder.

Then we headed over to Sandy Bank, one of my favorite beaches on the island. The strand is just long enough for a nice walk, the sand is white and powdery, the water is a clear green/blue... There are no services/bars, so it's uncrowded and quiet.

The Mom couldn't help but be drawn in.

Michael either. He was even surfing the waves.

Then it was time for a pizza/superbowl party. Our neighbor actually has a wood-burning pizza oven!! Homemade dough, chefs, and every ingredient you can think of. Yummy.

We started with a cheese pizza. It was delicious.

The outdoor kitchen was the place to be. Was there a Super Bowl on?

Apparently Michael hadn't had enough water time. Looks like the whale had had enough though.

I was content to watch.

Today - our own pool!