Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank Goodness for Hashes

I realize the blog is slowing down, but that can't be helped at the moment. Our weeks are filled with the same things as yours (working, cleaning, watching TV, and sleeping) and the weekends are the only time anything worth mentioning happens. This weekend it was a hash on Saturday and a pizza party on Sunday.

Saturday's hash started & ended at the Wingfield Estate. There are some cool ruins there.

A nice view of the fort in the distance too.

This is also where the zip lines are located (something that's still on our list to do).

We headed off into the rainforest where the humidity shot up. I thought it was pretty humid before we got in there, but whewy.

I ended up behind a guy who wasn't in the greatest shape. There really wasn't any way to pass him. Whenever he'd go to rest, instead of pulling off to the side like any polite hiker would, he'd spread his legs, put his hands on his hips/elbows out, and bend over at the waist. I had to restrain myself from shoving his stuck-out tush with my foot, but fantasized about it a lot.

Oh well, our turn-around point gave us some nice views anyway.

This was one place with some major bunching. We had to go down a hill using ropes.

Unfortunately, one of the ropes broke while several people were leaning backwards with their whole weight on it. Poor Derrick went flying, feet above his head, falling flat on his back and hitting his head (watching it was truly like watching slow motion). It took him awhile to get back up. This was scary considering we had a long way to go to get back. Luckily, he managed to pull himself together (ignore his sore shoulder and aching head) and made it back ok. All the people behind us then had to navigate the hill without the rope (the end had gotten stuck and couldn't be retied). Despite all that everyone still thought it was fun. We're a hardy bunch.

We got to traverse a few pretty creeks along the way (that's our trooper, Derrick in the blue shirt - yay Derrick!).

Another one of those massive, weird trees.

Afterwards were the usual ceremonies. The hash virgins got christened, but one old-time hasher got a little too spirited, dousing one poor virgin a) before it was time; and b) enough that she had to spit out about a cup of water lest she drown. She got to return the favor.

Peter, who's been hashing forever, forgot his sneakers and ran the whole thing in his flip flops. His being an airhead worked against him. One other guy got called out for taking the runners trail, but then walking it (I kind of wish I had done that).

Here's Michael trying to get some bicep exercises in after the run.

We watched another spectacular sunset.

And then watched some rain come in, so called it day.

Sunday was the cross-channel (Nevis to St. Kitts) swim - with a few people we knew in it. The distance is about 2.5 miles. Again, a woman won it. The same guy who came in second last year, came in second this year. And another woman was right behind him. You go girls! The top 3 actually set a record, finishing in just over an hour.

Then it was time for some pizza. Look at all these guys in the kitchen. If women would just replace their oven with a grill, they'd never have to step in that room. Of course, the food was delicious. The guys even whipped up some roasted garlic on fresh-made bread and calzones...Yummy.

Friday & Monday are holidays. We'll be beach camping over the weekend and then who knows what. We were supposed to go to Saba, but the transportation fell through. Then we were supposed to go to Montserrat, but the ferry operator wanted to hold our passports until the trip (for a whole week!). That is NOT going to happen. So we'll wing it.

Happy Birthday to my Dad! Keep 'em coming!