Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lena Bjärskoglok - Singing on the Beach

I was rather sick of my sticky-keyed, spacebar-less laptop (I've ordered a new keyboard) so never got around to telling you about the gig at The Godfather last week. First, we all just plain hung out and soaked up some rays. Here's me, Tina, and Lena as sweaty, hot (literally) babes.

Tina and Michael getting abused by the surf.

John enjoying a little karaoke.

Michael playing bartender.

Then it was time for Lena to transform into Saft Stockholm and sing her little heart out. Interesting audience and venue don't you think? That guy in the white shirt was totally enthralled by her (her voice or her good looks, I don't know, but does it really matter?)

At one point a guy from the local TV station came and taped/interviewed her. I'm sure she really appreciated that as she sang all sweaty and in her bathing suit...They did interview her again under different circumstances, but I can't find anything about it on the station's website.

We enjoyed tunes in Spanish (for Jose), Swedish (for Lena/John), and English (for the rest of us). She was great! Her English songs had great influences, like Middle Eastern, Spanish, and African, with great beats. One, in particular (very new), had her octaves going all over the place and yet her voice handled it like a champ. I can't wait until the songs are taped in a studio and released for us to boogie and/or chill (as appropriate) to.

Later we waited for the ever elusive green flash. There's Jose determined to capture the moment.

During the week, there was yet another brush fire (this one definitely caused by a cigarette butt - %$#*! - why we call smokers "buttheads").

Once again, the fire department didn't want to make the drive to the peninsula, so a project contractor came and saved the day by bringing in their water truck. Mike emptied the fire extinguishers again too.

The fire actually took a couple of days to knock out as it just kept reigniting. We really need some rain. I just heard from a pal in Grenada and they're dealing with water outages thanks to their worst drought in 29 years.

Since Lena is trying to get as much audience play and feedback as possible, she's playing wherever she can, so Friday night she debuted at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack.

The video is dark and the sound a bit sketchy, but here's a taste of Saft Stockholm in action.

If you're really interested there are some videos here and Lena's got a link on her blog as well.

Today is not only hash day, but St. Patty's hash day. Perhaps we'll find that pot of gold!

Here's your moment of zen.