Friday, March 12, 2010

More Visitors and a visit to Cockleshell & The Strip

While I thank whoever sent the rain but you can stop now. Sheesh.

Our sailing pals, Hans & Kristen, decided to make a quick visit after experiencing one too many snow storms during their first winter back in the States. They used to be on Whisper, a teeny sailboat they tootled around the Caribbean in for 3 years. But then they got inspired to go back to college to get their medical/law degrees and have been freezing their butts off in a Philadelphia marina (on a small motorboat they bought after selling Whisper) ever since. With spring break fast approaching, they made a sudden decision to thaw out in St. Kitts. Wahoo! We were hoping to get Merengue and Half Moon over here (both were in the neighborhood), but both were otherwise committed. Boo.

Hans is from Sweden. Upon learning this, Michael kept telling people that Hans was Swiss. Um, no. Of course, this has become an inside joke, so Michael met our SWEDISH pal at the airport with this sign saying "Hans Ericsson Swiss Delegate."

Here are Hans & Kristen's reactions (Kristen is from Vermont). Notice the sweaters. They weren't on for long.

There has been a lot of pool and beach action despite the crummy weather. The sun has been a bit elusive, but when it comes out it's burning various body parts. Yesterday at the beach, Hans tried to soothe his burned feet with a bucket of beer.

A soak in the water helped too.

Back on the beach it got a bit nippy when the clouds rolled in.

While we shivered a bit, this person had a bit of a different take on skin exposure. She was quite enamored with herself and did quite a bit of strutting and posing. We all thought a certain body part could use a bit more tan. We weren't as taken with her bum as she was, but it kept us entertained for hours.

Last night, Lena (another Swede) was singing again at the Shiggidy Shack, so we headed over there to let Lena & Hans reminisce about the "home land." That was quite a night, so we'll probably take it easy tonight.