Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Food and Grocery Prices

Since I made my weather forecast wish, we've had lots of sun, an incredible amount of humidity, and yesterday, rain.

Saturday, we headed for the pool and got burnt because our skin hadn't been subjected to rays in so long. Sunday, it rained and rained and rained, which was probably a good thing for our poor pink bodies. We got bored and got the munchies, so drove around to see if anything exciting was going on out there. First we headed to Spice Mill. The 5th Annual Legends Golf Classic had taken place on the island's golf course so we wondered if any celebrity athletes would be out and about. We didn't see any, but did run into some of the crew from that big sailing yacht we got a tour of a while back. They were leaving for Antigua on Monday and then were going to get ready for their long passage back to Europe for the summer. We didn't envy that, but they thought they'd be chartering off of Croatia which might have been fun if we had $100,000 to spare for the week.

We then headed over to Shipwreck to add some magazines to their book exchange. I don't know what it is about S Friar's Beach but it can really get buggy there. It's the only place on the island that gets gnats. They don't bite, but they are really annoying. Next!

We decided to head to Ziggy's. We usually like the music there and they're good at accommodating us vegetarians. We got there just in time as it started pouring. Oddly, S Frigate Bay had a few gnats too, but nothing like the swarms at Friars.

You've got to love the college students playing volleyball despite the fact they probably couldn't see the ball.

We decided to try the cheese fries. It doesn't look too appetizing but it was yummy. We thought of Hans & Kristen in Philly and saluted them with a fry (no picture of that as our fingers were too greasy).

Speaking of Kristen (formerly of Whisper). She recently started a blog about life in Philly. Let's support her, shall we?

We're trying to figure out how to get food from St. Martin. It's starting to get to us a bit that we can't get the most common items here - either at all or at a premium price. We're hearing different things about how many pounds of food we can bring in without paying duty/customs so are checking into it. I was all excited to find a flight to St. Martin for $48/each way only to find that the fees that were added to that # were actually more than double the price of the ticket. Seriously, for the 2 of us one way the plane ticket was $96 but the fees alone added up to $177. That's ridiculous. The stores we want to get our stuff at, Le Grand Marche and Cost U Less, will ship to St. Kitts - if only they would answer their emails. We're not sure what we want anyway so figure it makes sense to go this time, buy things and take down their item #s, and then the next time we can send them the exact info they need. We can't both afford to go, so are now thinking about flying Michael out on Saturday morning, he'll get a car and shop til he drops, find the place we get the barrels (which will ship any weight for a flat rate of $75), pack up, and then get on a flight back to St. Kitts that night (he pretty much did this while I handled the boat survey last year, so has the routine down pretty well). A lot of what we want is frozen, so should come back on the plane with him - have to check into that as well. And then what happens to the non-food items we pick up - like hair gel for white folks (seriously, neither of us can find any hair products here)? What do we pay on those things?

The deal we thought we had with shipping things in from the States via Michael's company seems to not exist, so that's a dead end at the moment. We aren't big shoppers, but we are definitely missing at least having the option to buy a couch (too old fashioned here) or mattress (choice of one brand for an outrageous price) or cheap socks (cheap is not in the Kittitian vocabulary - well, many of the items are cheap, but the prices are still high) when we need them. Of course, those items would mean a trip to Miami or Puerto Rico, which we're also looking into. It's never perfect. So stay tuned. We've been in touch with the current Jacumba owner to see if they're heading over to St. Martin any time soon (they might be). That could be interesting. We're even looking into hopping on Merengue when they head back this way. Seriously, this is nuts.