Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Hike at Wingfield Water Source

We hiked kind of near where we hashed last - near the Wingfield Manor/Sky Safari zip lines: Wingfield Manor google map. By the way, I meant to mention on the hash blog entry that Thomas Jefferson's great great (great?) grandfather used to own property here (apparently the 1st relative was a Brit whose family then went to Antigua and then on to Virginia). It is a small world...

We met up with Pat & Steve who know just about every trail on the island and headed out. This was actually a pretty tame hike and one we can bring visitors on and not have them hate us afterwards. This wasn't about a view at the end, but more of just a jaunt in the cool woods and a break at a bubbling brook.

On the way back, we passed a swing that kind of swung off into oblivion and then took you back to earth. It was pretty cool.

There goes Michael.

Oh wait - there he is...

There were also a few other ruins that were being taken over by those big, rooty trees. We kept expecting a troll or wizard to pop up (I kept having Princess Bride lines go through my head).

Spent the remainder of the afternoon undoing our workout with a few refreshing beers and good conversation and then called it a day.

Back to the grind...Over the weekend, we got a few tips on food to try and places to go, so we might go out and try something new this week.

Oh, I almost forgot. I added a couple of things to the blog over the weekend. You can add your email now (bottom right column) and subscribe to the blog. Every time we do an update, you automatically get the entry in your email. Wouldn't want you to miss any of this excitement (ha!). I also added a link to a Facebook page called Only in St. Kitts. Some of the entries really sum up living in the islands. Enjoy!