Sunday, April 18, 2010

Exercise for a Cause

Well, it's been one wet week. Rain, rain and more rain. The sun comes out for a bit as a tease and then disappears again leaving nothing but rain and wind. The island really needed this, but everything in moderation please. A friend had his car in the shop for a long time to fix various leaks. Hope he didn't pay much, because this is what it looked like when he picked me up to give me a lift.

Yesterday, we weren't sure if the hash would go on as usual, so debated going. Then we figured, let's just go see. Plus you never know if it's raining wherever you're heading (although the whole island has been under a cloud lately). So this is what we headed to. Are we crazy?

Maybe, but we weren't the only ones. Look at these other nutcases.

It was actually pretty chilly with the cold rain and brisk winds (you people from Colorado and other cold places, shut it). Here's everyone trying to block the wind while we waited to see how many other idiots showed up. I'm not exactly sure what Michael's doing exactly.

The sun did make an ever-so-slight attempt to break through which gave us a cool rainbow, but the rain eventually won out. I looked really hard for that pot of gold, but the leprechaun must have taken it. Note the rain-gear I was very happy to have saved from our boating life. I have the rain pants on too.

This particular hash was in the area called Olivees (just northwest of the capital). Michael & I had actually not hashed or been to this part of the island yet, so enjoyed being some place different. Apparently there's a big development planned for this area, so we have to hike it while we can!

Here we are heading for the hills and up a pretty active river. It's been so dry up until now, this was a first.

Unfortunately, the people who were supposed to set this hash, didn't really do it for various reasons and only one "hare" showed up. He took off with the runners, leaving us walkers (with lots of kids and dogs) to fend for ourselves with no markers to follow. So we all ended up going in various directions and had to cut it short since we didn't really have a clue where to go (plus it was pouring). It was a bit of a disappointment, but it's always fun to get together with people you haven't seen since the last hash. Despite the wet weather, they still managed to throw some hot dogs on the grill (and some fish eggs - eew). I was more happy about the warmth radiating from the thing. I would have traded that beer for a hot chocolate any day!

We did not stay long. That hot shower I took when I got home felt REALLY good.

This morning, we hemmed and hawed trying to figure out if we really felt like running/walking again. The hash organizers linked up with Live Earth to take part in the Walk/Run for Water event. It was being held in 150 countries and they felt St. Kitts should have a presence too. The point was to walk/run 6km which is the average walk women & children have to trek to get fresh water back to their villages. Of course, the men here thought they should stay back and drink rum punches while the women & children did the hike (with pails on their heads) since that's the way it's done in most arid countries (minus the rum), but needless to say, that didn't happen. Did we make a difference in the lives of those suffering? No, but sometimes it's rewarding to take part in something bigger than ourselves.

We had a crowd of about 50 people show up which was pretty good for this kind of thing here.

We had some sun and clouds and really enjoyed the dry weather. Afterwards was more food and hanging out on the beach at The Godfather, but Michael & I had some things we needed to do so headed back.

Here's a guy that was fishing off of Friar's Beach (where the Godfather is). I just thought the picture was rather Caribbean.

Let's hope for a bit of dryer weather, shall we? Rain at night. Sun during the day. Partly cloudy to keep the heat down. There, I've put my weather order in. Let's see what happens.