Friday, May 7, 2010


Haven't had a chance to assemble my "favorite" things entry yet, but here's a perfect example of how crazy it can be here:

Last year, a laptop disappeared from Michael's office (not his luckily). The company actually had a chip in the thing that could trace it and knew its location as soon as it was booted up the following day. They immediately contacted the police who then took 4 weeks to get the required warrants to go get the laptop. It turns out the perpetrator was the bus driver and that he had lots of other stolen stuff too. Of course he was fired. But was he arrested? Nope. Michael saw the guy driving a taxi yesterday. Nice. Theft apparently is not half a big a deal as debt. That's right if you do not pay the government or anyone else (and they complain about it), you go straight to jail. Nuts. That reminds me, it's time to pay the electric bill...