Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Sunday at the SE Peninsula Beach(es)

Sunday I had absolutely no intention of moving once I hit the beach. Yep, this is right up my alley.

And then you have Mikey. What a bonehead. Jumping jacks. One-armed push ups. Show-off.

Didn't last long though. Even the energizer bunny runs out of juice eventually.

It was such a good idea, that Dave followed suit.

Clouds started rolling in though and we knew a group of friends were at Reggae Beach (Cockleshell really) so thought we'd say hi. They were surprised to see us, we don't normally go to this beach (too many kids!).

Then we looked down the beach and saw Krista getting married. Congratulations!

A busy day on the beach, but a fun one. On our way home, we noticed that the skies were rather eerie and both the ocean and sea waters were calm and a dark greyish blue. I told Mike something had to be going on weather-wise and sure enough our first tropical disturbance of the season, Invest 90, was just to the east of us. Looks like my instincts are still operable. And the hurricane season begins...

Today is a holiday - Whit Monday. It's a religious (Pentecostal) holiday that most countries don't celebrate anymore (marking the day the Holy Spirit got the apostles talking in tongues) but Kittitians aren't going to give up a day off, so a bank-holiday it is. Time for a pizza party at Kat & Nat's house.