Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hashing near Ottley's

So yesterday's hash was near the grounds of Ottley's Plantation. We knew the place had some rainforest trails and had always wanted to hike them, so finally got a chance. This is the Lodge estate and, although has gone into disrepair (for only $875K you can buy it and fix it up), is still remarkably lush.

Even the little hut nearby wasn't a bad place to have an abode.

Remember those strange cherries I told you about? The property had a tree full of them! So here they are. Quite decorative, dontcha think?

I sometimes debate doing the runner's trail when we hash, but when I heard this one was not approved for dogs, I decided I'd be perfectly happy walking. This hash was a good one and pleasantly dry. Well, it was dry for walkers, the runners had to wade through a stagnant pond (can you say, P.U.?).

First we headed for the hills.

Then it was onto Ottley's grounds.

Onto the trails.

Out into fields of razor grass. Glad I wore long pants.

Back into the forest.

Back out.

Time to loop back. Always head for the water and you'll never get lost!

Through a neighborhood that oddly had what looked like an ancient post office receptacle. I liked the recent "petroglyph."

And then it was time to chill (or lime as they say here). Some had hot dogs and burgers while waiting for the usual ceremonies to begin.

Michael, aka Jingle Balls (remember his Christmas Hash elf outfit?), got renamed Super Jingle Balls because at one point on the trail, he picked up some downed fruit and stuck them in his to the smaller "balls" (cat toys with bells in them tied to his shorts drawstring). The affect was, um, noteworthy.

The fruit he picked up turned out to be a Mamisiporte, or Mammy Apple.

We were told that the "elders" had a superstition not to eat this fruit after 6pm. Hmm, we figured it would lead to indigestion or something, so figured the elders were probably onto something and ate it this morning. It's a rather understated flavor, kind of like a cross between an apricot and mango. Apparently this fruit used to be more abundant than mangoes on the island, but the monkey's really liked it and have made it a rare find. And there were a ton of them on the ground from a tree on the trail - many hashers said they'd come back and get them later.

Michael also got his first Anniversary T-shirt. 25 St. Kitts hashes - wahoo!

I missed a hash, so will likely get mine next time. Someone else got his 200th! Can you imagine? Think about how long that would take based on hashes every 3 weeks.

You have to look at the faces on everyone in this picture. They were watching a muddy/sweaty hasher have to drink out of his new, but now disgusting, shoe - the usual initiation ritual to break them in properly.

Then it was dusk and time to head to another engagement and struggle to stay awake to watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live. I did it! I have to admit I didn't think it was all that funny (loved her but thought the skits were dumb), but hung in there.

There - now that you've arm-chaired hashed, you've seen what we've seen. And are probably less sore.