Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You really have to love someone who has a pizza oven in their backyard. The pool's not bad either.

I wasn't able to get there yesterday, but Mikey represented for the 2 of us. What does it take to make a pizza?

Well, you have to start with the wood. Lots of it.

Then it's time to fire up the oven since it'll take hours to get hot enough to make the perfect pizza.

Of course, you need the dough. Michael got some dough-making tips from Nat as we always have a problem getting the dumb stuff to rise (I know, it sounds personal).

Once again, there would be no shortage of pies as everyone brought over their special recipe.

Look! The dough has risen! It's a miracle - wahoo!

Break out the ingredients and let's get this pizza party started!

A couple of pizza's - our fake sausage was hit - much less grease.

A calzone made it in the mix.

And then there was this, um, thing. I'm sure it was delicious.

Everybody stuffing their faces.

After 15 pies, apparently a cake and ice cream was in order (that is some yellow ice cream - vanilla?). My stomach hurts just looking at all this food.

Time to let the oven rest and call it a night.

It was also time for Michael to celebrate his Flyers making it to the Stanley Cup play-off. Life is full.