Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Trip to the Movies

Ever since I mentioned the word "pool" it's rained sporadically day and night. The other night, we had probably the hardest torrential downpours we've experienced since we've been here. Incredibly, even though we've been off Jacumba since last October, I kept waking up in a panic that we needed to shut hatches and Mike felt like we should be catching the rain for our water tanks. I guess 3 years on a boat takes a while to shake off. Weird.

Actually, it's been nice to have the cooler temps and breezes. The power did, in fact, go out on Friday morning (8am). Unfortunately, they had a different idea of what constitutes afternoon and we didn't get power back until 2pm. Couldn't get any computer work done, so cleaned instead for awhile and then dove into a Clive Cussler book we found at the book swap at Shipwreck a while back. With the electricity going down like this 2 days/week, this could be a long two months; but on the other hand, our electric bill should go down...should.

Some friends of ours have a veritable farm in their back yard with every kind of fruit tree you can imagine, as well as some veggies in various plots dotting the place, and they've been handing out pazillions of mangoes to everyone they know. Their tree is still laden with them, so none of us are going to wont for these babies. I'm starting to freeze some so I can make smoothies with them. Probably good to alternate our pretzels with something with some nutritional value.

With the strange weather and rough seas, we decided to forgo some planned snorkeling and headed to the cinema instead. Looks just like any other movie house right? Mmmm. Popcorn. Just can't get enough.

We decided to see Ironman 2. We really liked the first one and thought the 2nd one was fun too. We were a bit confused here and there and am not sure why they dumbed down Gwyneth Paltrow's character. We think it was to give the new "hottie" in the film a chance to standout - although she didn't seem to be necessary except to kick some serious booty in one scene (we still don't have a clue who she is in relation to the story line). No one makes a better villain than O'Rourke. No one. Shivers.

Then we headed over to Pat & Steve's place (our friends' house, not a bar - although that would make a good name for a bar and the beer's good) nearby to catch up. We also decided to get a take-out pizza at Spratnet. We had heard a lot about this pizza, so were glad to at least cross it off our list. It was pretty good (better than the downtown, Pizza King which had also gotten a lot of praise from folks), but not something we'd make the longish trip to go get regularly. Our favorite pizza's so far are Spice Mill's and the Marriott's Pizza Shack (although it takes forever!). BTW, Spratnet & Pizza King have thicker pizzas, Spice Mill & Marriott have thinner crusts - so it's a matter of preference and mood. Anywho, I think Spratnet becomes a Ross U hangout later (although does seem to have a pretty good local following as well), so I can imagine gets a bit rowdy. Again, I don't think it would be worth it for us to brave the dark, narrow roads at night when we can get a similar atmosphere on The Strip, 5 minutes from us. Anyway, the pizza and beer were good, the company was great, and the view (as usual) was awesome. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

On a different note...One of our cats, Jack, has started playing fetch. He's figured out that if he brings his ball to us, we'll toss it for him, so now we wake up with the thing in our bed. Zura carries it around too, but only to take it away from Jack. Kids...