Sunday, June 6, 2010

Final Beach Fix for Pals and a trip to Ottley's

Well, as I type this, the Walker clan is sitting at the Charlotte airport waiting to catch the last leg of their flight back to Phoenix. Before they left though, we gave them a final taste of island life. On Friday night, we took them to The Dock at the southern end of The Strip. It's where a lot of locals and working expats go on a Friday night to enjoy a 2-for-1 happy hour from 5-6 (the onion rings are really good here too), and where many bring their kids as well. We thought it would give Isabella a chance to play a bit and give Erin & JD a chance to let loose before they headed back.

Erin & Bella taking a cool-down dip while the bigger kids try to tempt the gods on the slippery rocks. There's Carnival's cruise ship taking off for the week.

Of all the pictures we took only one came out. JD was doing an unkid-friendly gesture. I returned the favor later, which is also on record. Yes, JD it seems we share that "essence." Ah, friends...Hope Bella doesn't pick up our potty-mimes.

Saturday morning, we went to N Frigate beach where the Marriott is located.

We had hoped the breakers would be blocking the ocean waves enough to enjoy a relaxing dip and get some reef snorkeling in. It wasn't as calm as we thought it'd be, but Bella was enjoying the surf anyway. Snorkeling wasn't too impressive.

Today, we'll be heading to Sandy Bank for our usual fix and will be thinking of our weary travelers while we try out the boogie boards they brought us. There's always such a vacuum when guests leave. I don't think Michael & I have spent that much time with a child, ever, and were in awe at how tough it is to be a parent (well, we knew somewhat, which is why we chose to be kid-free). Kudos to all you Moms and Dads out there! The cats were less impressed and were in rare form last night as they took back over the place. Of course, we're already using all kinds of Bella-isms ("'scuse me/giggle/sweet smile after a burp/toot; "Oh, I forgot" when we do something the other person didn't want us to do, etc.). Let's hope we didn't give Bella any bad habits to share with friends, although she was pretty impressed with Michael's deafening belches...Sorry guys!

Here are a few pictures I lifted from JD's camera to sum up the trip.

Ziggy's (The Strip/S Frigate)

Home (JD - that's Zura on the left; Jack on the right; you will be tested upon your return)

Sandy Bank (Turtle Beach)

Spice Mill (Cockleshell Beach)

Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack (the possessed child is Stara)

Ottley's Plantation

Good times!

Our pals on Merengue should be here next! Time to start practicing our Mexican Train Dominoes, not to mention the excuses that'll come with it ("A monkey took the domino I needed!"; "I can't play unless I'm on a boat").