Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good at Sandy Bank & Bad at Home

I went to take some pictures of the "bad" off my camera and realized I hadn't gotten the pictures of the "good" off yet from last Sunday. Let's start with that.

Look what we have here.

Leatherback turtle tracks! Look how wide they are, so you can see this mama was pretty big. If mongoose, monkeys, dogs, and humans don't touch the eggs, they just might hatch in a few weeks. Then they get to dodge sharks and other sea critters. It's not easy being a turtle around here. Of course, it could be worse - they could be in the Gulf :(

Michael went out with his new boogie board and tried to body surf too.

Um, somehow I don't think these waves are big enough (and were breaking too close to shore), but you can't say the boy didn't try.

Then it was time to leave. That cloud didn't look too friendly.

We're still dealing with power outages, supposedly due to equipment failures. Maybe - but we might know why they're not being fixed (or have broken down in the first place). Michael saw an electricity utility worker sitting on a property surrounded by live wires drinking his fifth Guinness beer (it was around 1pm and next to the wires were 4 empty bottles). When the guy saw Mike looking at him, he then pulled out a bottle of cheap wine and swigged it too. Nice. Hate to be that drunk's coworker...Is the power off? Um, swig, yep. Bzzzz. AAAAGH!Sizzle. Dang, swig.

This morning, we had our bad. I went outside on our upper bedroom balcony and was stumped by a pair of scissors on a chair. We don't have a pair of scissors like that.

Can't say that the screen was cut like that as of 6pm yesterday either (and I was home all night).

Crap! Guess someone decided to pay us a visit us at some point before 9 this morning. How'd he get up to the 2nd floor? Looks like he just scaled our wall using the bottom patio railing to boost himself. Lovely. We got incredibly lucky that for some reason, the intruder didn't come all the way in. He certainly could have. I'll bet the cats scared him off!

Mike's at the Frigate Bay police station reporting the incident just for the heck of it, and I contacted the apartment's manager. Apparently, one of these ying yangs got all the way up onto her 3rd floor and entered through a bathroom window last year. They lock up all the time and run their a/c. That's just not an option for us, so we're going to have to come up with some other solution. We've thought of several, but won't post them here should any potential thieves be reading this and deduced where we live. The sucker knows I've got one weapon at least - his scissors! You should be hearing the Pyscho score here.

Phooey. It's never perfect. All we can do is be incredibly relieved and grateful that nothing more happened than a warning and be more alert. It's like that everywhere, you just hope it won't happen to you. Guess it was our turn. Anybody got any mace?