Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Sail

To finish yesterday's excitement, the police did come, wondered why we didn't have our air conditioning on, took the scissors (in our Ziploc bag), and gave us some interesting tips to protect ourselves. They also told us to do whatever we had to do should someone actually get in. Apparently they don't share the same view of the U.S. in that a lot of the time the "rights" of the intruder come before those of the victim. "He aimed a gun at you? Well, you still didn't have to shoot him - you could have just asked him nicely to leave..." Here, a bad guy comes into someone's home and the good guy kills the bad person, that's that. He shouldn't have been in there. Works for me.

Last night we went out with the Hash crowd on the catamaran Irie Lime. She's the yellow one.

Most of the mouths and partiers of the group were otherwise occupied, so this crowd of about 40 was a little more reserved. I think the charterers saved a lot of money on beer last night. :) Right before we took off, clouds started rolling in and gave us some on and off rain showers.

Luckily, the boat was big and had lots of protection from the rain.

Here's the coast near our neighborhood.

The captain and mates looking like a bunch of meerkats.

They did put the sails up, but not for long and they didn't go up on the way back either. It's really all for affect as there's usually not much wind behind the island. As it was they had one engine running quietly to keep us moving. The going was smooth though.

We moored in Shitten Bay and brought out all the food we had brought - it was a potluck. We brought our ever popular and easy-to-make Chinese cole slaw and watched it disappear within minutes. There are no pictures of this because we couldn't eat and take pictures at the same time.

Here's a nice picture of the sky doing pretty things in the background though.

Here we caught Michael taking butt shots of everyone! Hey!

That's much better thank you.

Tina & John being all romantic. Aaw.

That didn't last long. Get away from my bum!

A few more people pictures. That's Mikey and Ronan, a Canadian contractor helping Mike move trees.

Me and Laura (she and her husband Bob cook food while we hash normally). She's dressed in USA colors to show her support for the USA soccer (or football) team although I thought she was Canadian.

And well, you know who those two are.

It was a fun way to spend a few hours. It's been really buggy lately, so it was nice to get off the coast for a bit and enjoy a mosquito-free breeze. If we go out boating again, we'll bring some music as we thought their mix of local & 80s music needed some improvement (no one plays current stuff anywhere - let's replace Michael Jackson with Timbaland shall we?)

So that's it. There may be some golfing and pool action in our future. Nice.