Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They're Here!

So Merengue made it! Jim & Wendy are living it up at the marina which is charging them less than $15/day to stay and we've been hanging out catching up. Our camera battery died and then the power was out so we couldn't charge it, so I haven't been able to play my usual paparazzi self. Luckily, Wendy played the part yesterday at the pool. This is Jim frolicking.

Jim doesn't exactly have a hard time relaxing does he? Wendy didn't take pictures of him sprawled on the lounge chairs (he's lucky my camera was dead), but a relaxing day was had by all (well, except Michael - as somebody has to make money so we can enjoy the pool - thanks Mikey!).

Clouds are around now and a weakening weather system that will probably bring more. Boo. Luckily, these two aren't exactly on vacation, so a lack of sun isn't a big deal. They just stopped by to visit us (can you believe it?!) and visiting is exactly what we're doing. And of course, the long awaited dominoes tournament will occur soon (we are determined not to get that darn dunce cap back). The reigning loser has to decorate the thing and Jim's had it for a year. Uh oh. A picture of the offending item will be unveiled game day. We might add a bocce ball competition to the mix (weather permitting), so things could get interesting (we're all pretty competitive).