Sunday, July 18, 2010


While you guys are sweating it up in North America, we’re trying to stay dry. Even the clouds are grumbling as they pass through. It's just wet everywhere with no end in sight. It's looking like Christmas out there!

Our view for the past 5 days.

We bought some used tennis rackets from friends and had planned on playing all weekend, but NooOOooo. At least the cats are getting some exercise...

Then we were supposed to go to a party at the Blue Martini at the Marriot (we've never been there), but a very tired Michael was out like a light by 7:45pm and I wasn't walking in the rain, so...Before Mike zonked he made the perfect dinner for a stormy day - (fake) Kielbasa stew. It was delicious (and look at that presentation).

Yummy. Today - more of the same. It's pouring, thundering, and going to result in a day of reading, watching, TV, and stuffing our faces with (fake) ham, corn, salad and mashed potatoes (good thing I got my run in this morning before it started pouring).

All this dreariness seems to be bringing out the worst in the criminals as well. It hasn't been easy for businesses on this island. In the last 19 days, 3 delivery trucks have been robbed around lunch time. In the last month, a police station, bank, and several businesses have been targeted. One of the biggest developers on the island has had 3 incidents in the past 3 weeks, one of which got the attention of the Prime Minister finally (they can not afford the developers/investors to pull out).

It's not just us though. Some poor girl off a cruise ship was killed in St. Thomas last week (as was another innocent bystander), caught in some gang's crossfire.

As bad as this is (and it is bad), I will say again, that I think we are about to see a change forced upon us finally, not by the concern the government feels for its citizens (it doesn't see crime as "its" fault), but by the really bad press we (and a few other Caribbean islands) are starting to get. It's making them look bad, and we can't have that now can we?

An article written by the opposition party leader lists the international spankings and notes what other islands are doing. While all true, I'm amazed at the verve of the author of that article, who was recently (allegedly) caught negotiating a bribe himself (on video), although he says he was set up. Even if he was, he's hurting the party now, step down and give them a chance to win next time. Jeez, it's the same everywhere.

Well, other islands lumped in with us are taking action and finally using foreign forces to try to get a handle on things. Maybe St. Kitts will too. Let's hope so; this is too beautiful an island to have such an ugly reputation.