Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glub Glub

My new routine is checking the radar before my morning run. AAAAAAAAAGH!!!

At least the power's still on. Even better, so far, the same conditions we had last year (lots of Saharan dust in the upper atmosphere and high wind shear) have been beating up any possible hurricanes off of Africa (which then hit us), but the weather has been so remarkably different than last summer, anything goes at this point. I feel really badly for anyone vacationing here or in any of the northeastern Caribbean islands as it's just been nothing but rain for days now. We are definitely not alone as can be read from the "correspondents" on other islands (right side). Still, I really think it's time for this system to move on. Let's hope it doesn't hit Florida as a Cat 1 like some models are predicting though.