Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th! Shiggidy

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and all you Canadian's reading, Happy belated Canada Day (1 July)!

We've been kind of lying low. Maybe it's all that food we've been gorging ourselves with making it difficult to move. Mr. Social Bunny even stayed in Friday night, which is quite shocking. I think we've eaten more, and healthier, in the last 3 days than we have in the last 3 weeks, so I guess that's a good thing (the energy will come right?). I just finished the last of my St. Martin fruit (that came from New Jersey), but got a replacement when our pal Pat dropped off some of her hybrid mangoes.

During this food fest, we discovered that some of the fake meat we like from Le Grand Marche is actually made by a U.S. company! Well, we sure as heck never saw that stuff when we lived there, but we've emailed them to see what else they have (their website needs a little work) and how we can get it. What's great about their products is that, at least the chicken, is better than the real thing. I didn't have much of a problem "giving up" chicken, as I never really liked it (other than McDonald's McNuggets) - but this stuff is tasty (most of it preflavored - pepper, kung pao, ginger, lemon, etc.), has a good consistency, and works in a lot of dishes. The shrimp doesn't exactly taste like shrimp, but does take up what you soak it in, so oil & vinegar for pasta, or teriyaki for a BBQ makes it pretty yummy. Anyway, it's nice to have options to BBQ, throw on rice, etc. Most of it is made of soy giving us protein and omega-3s, but the shrimp is made of vegetable gums, whatever those are.

Saturday, Mike had to work most of the day, so we just went to an early movie and called it a day. We saw Toy Story 3, which was actually pretty funny. The pazillion references to old toys you haven't thought about in years and then bringing them to life was really done well. There was actually so much going on that we wouldn't mind seeing it again at some point to catch anything we missed. Once again, we were the only ones in the theater. Well, until about 10 minutes in when a couple of families came in. The movies start on time, but the people who view them still like to be fashionably late.

Sunday was a lazy morning. We eventually made our way down to Sandy Bank and just sprawled for the afternoon. The water was much cleaner this time around, but oddly the water was waaaaaay out there. It was strange because the winds were pushing the waters toward shore, and yet the ocean seemed to pull away from the beach. Weird tides here.

Look how close the reef is. You can just walk right up to it.

After our tough day at the beach, we were both having bad hair moments and decided to just head home. A couple of Tofurkey bratwursts called too (not as good as Boca, but we can't find those). We then tried to stay inspired for some fireworks at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack at 8:30. Honestly, if the place hadn't been 10 minutes down the street, we wouldn't have made it. We're pathetic.

But we're so glad we did! Sunday nights are actually pretty big on The Strip as, for some reason, Kittitians like to party on Sundays, but this was the first time we saw a line of cars waiting to park. Shiggidy was packed inside and out.

Yep, 4th of July in the islands adds a little something different to the celebration as people sit on their blankets in the sand and listen to steel drum bands (at X's) or reggae music (from The Dock). Dancing to steel drum music? - now those 2 are dancing die-hards.

You gotta appreciate them even bothering to throw a celebration, considering it's an American holiday (and it's a formerly British island), but we all tend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day too - and how many of us drinking green beers are actually Irish? The fireworks went on for about 10 minutes and were really awesome. They were exploding right above our heads and raining down as if the sky had burst. It was really cool.

They were launched from the dock and took out a couple of planks, but those were the only casualties. Our duty done, we went back home passed out and are ready to start another busy week.