Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Never-Ending Stor-m-y

Today will be all about weather simply because there's been so much of it.

This is one heck of a storm system we're in here (probably gonna be named once it passes us and decides to terrorize other islands). The past 3 days have been like living in a bowling alley (during their midnight laser bowling events). There has been constant thunder day and night. Up until last night, there was some consistent low-level grumbling with the sky flashing like strobe lights. Last night around 10, it all came to a crescendo and I thought maybe the earth had turned into an imploding super nova. There was blinding lightning with thunder loud enough to jar our teeth fillings. This stuff reverberated through the chest - kind of like standing in front of the speaker systems of some of the beach bars we've frequented.

Look at this. It was 11 at night and that is how bright it was out there.

By 11, the power had gone out and the rain came down even harder than it had been until I was thinking we might consider blowing up our kayaks or something.

Yeah, it gets even better; it was lighter at midnight than it had been earlier in the day!

By 2am, the storm had petered out (probably as exhausted as I felt) and I was really looking forward to some peace and quiet (seriously, we had almost 3 days of constant noise from the sky) only to realize that now I could hear the neighbors generator loud and clear (is it just me, or are we overstimulated?)

At 4am (sleep, I need sleep!) I felt a feathery tickle on my leg and knew it wasn't the cats as they were feverishly digging at something on the sheets beside me. Mike wasn't wielding a feather duster either. I just happened to have a flashlight next to the bed (just for these occasions) and was not too pleased to discover that I had just knocked off a centipede - yes, they sting. I got lucky though, and it got a one way trip down the toilet...

I got up at 5 hoping to see blue skies, but saw more of this. NOOOOOO!!

Actually, the sun did come out for a few hours relieving some of my melancholy, but power was still elusive.

By 2, the sun disappeared again replaced by more rain. It's so moist, these mushrooms have popped up everywhere.

I just ran across this article with a great picture showing part of our capital under some serious mud: http://www.zizonline.com/news/?F114900F-2219-22DB-ABAB6E71F2F8C209 Paula posted a few pictures of the bus terminal downtown.

At 7:30pm (20 hours later), with the sky darkening ever further and rain starting to fall again, we decided to take all that food we just purchased from St. Martin over to a friend's house who had a generator powering his freezer (thanks guys!). As soon as Mike got there, the power came back on...And, amazingly, at the exact same time lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Please, not again................