Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunshine at Sandy Bank/Cardinal Point and Birthdays

Happy Birthday Mom! Well, we're holding up our end of the bargain (that's right Steve, we're toasting each other with popcorn!).

popcorn,sharing,movie,eating,smilie,smiley,animated gif Cat - Eating Popcorn

While this, um, guy sang for us.

Ok, so we finally had a beach day. It kept looking like it might rain, but managed to hold itself together. We got in the car to get moving only to find the car completely dead. Not even the slightest whirr or wheeze. Uh oh. Luckily, the first person we called who lived nearby happened to be home and have jumper cables. The car started right up and we went to our respective beaches (Nat goes to Reggae because it's fun for kids), we go to Sandy Bank because it isn't...I got to wear my new neon bikini (thanks Mom!)

You drive through a mountain cut when you're coming over the hill from Frigate Bay to get to the Peninsula, and huge boulders have crashed onto the road. HUGE! I wanted to take pictures of them on the way back, but my camera died before then. So check out the erosion of this unpaved road we've off-roaded on!

Look how green everything is from all the rain we had. The 2nd picture is me standing on those same cliffs just a couple of months ago when the grass was like a tinder box.

Even the water was green.

It was another one of those days where the tide went way out. That's what's so great about this beach (among other things). It's all sand for a looong way out and probably the calmest bay on the ocean. I decided to walk out to a reef and see if I could see any fishes.

I did see rocks and some grassy type stuff. Look how clear it is - the water is about up to my waist here.

I did actually see a few clear fish. Can you find one in this picture?

We did a quick stopover at Reggae to buy a beer for Nat and then headed back. We didn't want to drive the Pothole Peninsula in the dark and risk losing an axle. The rain has really done a number on the old road (as have construction vehicles).

So that's that. Oh and Mom, we also ran across a message from Tico: