Monday, August 30, 2010

Earl's Worst - From Basseterre East

Ok, so here are the videos taken between 7 and 8 this morning (pictures were taken up to 10am) - it's now past 1 because it took that long to get this all uploaded (I hope you people appreciate this!):

The Caribbean Sea down by Basseterre (wait for the ending):


And now the ocean side (N Frigate Bay) - WIPEOUT!:

Here's what Michael ran into after he dropped me off and conditions further deteriorated on his way down the Southeast Peninsula.

First the Timothy Hill pass was throwing rocks on the road.

Then there were waterfalls, only the water wasn't falling - it was going up. Yep, the winds were pushing the water back up the cliff.

Then he reached a short stretch about half-way down the peninsula where there are always high winds - kind of like a tunnel affect. Well, this time there were really high winds.

Relieved not to be flipped over there (hmmm, stupid or brave??), he kept going and was pleased to see most of his trees still standing (although, not happy).

What he saw at White House Bay give me goose bumps every time I watch the video. Holy Crap. Watch the whole thing, that last wave was huge (Michael said the video didn't even capture the size of the waves there).

I'm pretty sure I would have moved the boat to Dieppe Bay once I saw that Earl was likely to come so close to us, but I'm not positive. If we hadn't moved, we would have been anchored in that. Actually, we would have been tossed onto the beach. You can see that parts of the dock didn't survive. You have to do a search on our blog for White House and see what it normally looks to truly appreciate what is happening here. And remember, this is the SEA side!

Sandy Bank was a bit angry too, but at least it's on the ocean and facing the actual hurricane!

Here's a sailboat anchored in Major's Bay. I'll bet that was a fun ride.

Look how calm the water is here at Turtle Beach, right around the corner. Weird.

Michael spent about 5 minutes in the office before he questioned whether the trailer would stay upright and decided to come back.

The winds were starting to die (a slight bit) so now there were waterfalls with water no longer defying gravity. This is all on the side of the main road - never seen that before.

Once he got over Timothy Hill, he could see flooding at the roundabout leading to The Strip.

Once on The Strip, it was a bit rag-tag.

Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack looks naked without its tent roof (taken off for safekeeping, but the palm fronds had had enough).

The Sunset Cafe's awning eventually lost its battle with the winds.

The police are actually out on The Strip, hopefully keeping any thieves at bay until whatever damage is assessed, and the Coast Guard has moved off the S Frigate Bay coast as well (not sure what why exactly).

A trip into town showed flooding there too

and there were definitely a few more things thrown in the roads, from wood fences to trees.

It just goes to show how quickly things can change. So as of 9:35, the winds started to calm quite a bit, although still gusty (as a matter of fact rain just flew at my window sideways again). Still true at noon (the seas are still terrible)! Most radars are showing the worst of it heading off to terrorize someone else. Those islands above us are St. Martin and Anguilla - you can see the eye passing just above them (whatever that purple blob was that passed over us earlier was definitely not the eye - we didn't have those kinds of winds - thankfully).

Still looks a bit messy out there, but I'd say the worst has passed.

I know some power is out on the island, so I guess we got lucky. If it stays that way, I'll update more later (assuming I find out anything new - there is a whole other side of the island that hasn't reported in).

There, now you've experienced Earl with us. Ugh. Ready for a possible Fiona? Neither are we.