Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here we Go

We've had some beautiful days, with crazy downpours during the night (last night's had thunder & lightning with it).

Sunday was our usual trip to Sandy Bank, although it should have been called Windy Bank.

A lot of our hasher buddies were there as it turned out, so we walked up and down the beach with them a few times, because, well, that's what hashers do. We walk, run and drink! Didn't do much else though, as Michael wasn't feeling too hot.

Yesterday and today are actually public holidays. Back in the 1970s, Nevis decided that too many islanders were no longer taking part in many of the cultural festivities that helped cement their heritage, so started a multi-day Culturama to get everyone in the spirit. It culminates around the island's Emancipation Day (which is yet another upcoming holiday). The whole thing goes on around 2 weeks these days, but is just about over. St. Kitts decided to support the whole endeavor by giving everyone off 2 days to go and play. Today should be j'ouvert (a crazy parade that starts in the middle of the night and goes on all day) and some horse racing. Mike'll be working...

Yesterday, we both worked, but did get a little tennis in.

Boy were we bad. We'd like to blame it on the sweat running into our eyes. Neither of us have played in over a decade, and weren't good at it then, so spent most of our time running to the tennis balls and picking them up, but it was still fun (sort of).

Of course, we've been watching what has now become Tropical Storm Colin.

That thing is heading our way just in time for our trip to Puerto Rico, so we've been rather concerned, but all the models have it going north of us, so, hopefully, it'll be a non-event. Many forecasters are predicting that now that the first storm has set-up, there will be many more to follow in its wake. As a matter of fact, what just came off of Africa behind Colin, does look a little worrisome (and has the wet conditions left by Colin to help it form). Let's just hope it all waits until we get back and that should Colin go north of us, that pattern holds. Ah yes, the fun of hurricane season...

A quick aside: If I read one more time that the recent Gulf oil spill is the largest in history I'm going to scream. What has happened to the state of reporting? No one does their research and everyone just copies off of each other. Even flipping channels between World News stations the other night - all the stories were the same, given in the same exact order, and even ended with the same "cute" story. The largest oil spill in history was in California in 1910 when it spewed out 9 million barrels over 18 months. The Gulf spill supposedly gushed 5 million. Sure, the Gulf spill might have impacted more people, but it was NOT the biggest one ever. Jeez. Even Wikipedia makes that statement, only to contradict themselves in a table. Am I missing something here?!!