Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Renee reporting from St. Kitts about Earl on CBS News

First of all I wanted to thank all of YOU for the great comments and the support. We were so tired we were in bed by 8:30pm. And thanks to Meghan and Paula who told me they saw me on the CBS NATIONAL news last night!! OMG!!!

So based on that, I found it online. My college journalist classes finally pay off! Here are my 5 seconds of fame:

I love it - I go to Puerto Rico, get tons of hair products, even a hair iron so I can look all polished and I get on the national news with Hurricane Earl hair. Now I know why reporters wear baseball caps! Oh well - how fun was that? They used a bit of footage from Michael's video's too, so we'll try to set up a time for autographs and answering fan mail later in the week. I kid!

When we first went to bed, we could hear the sea crashing from afar. Today the sun is out and the seas are swelly but no longer sinister. So today is clean up day. Earl may not have flattened us, but it did make a mess - sand in every nook/cranny, mud slithered into homes, and lots of leaves/branches all over. There will be lots of work on fences and re-erecting of signs today.

I'm still tracking that stupid storm as it now seems poised to hit in my Mom's area (I was kidding about that irony thing!), and am keeping a lazy eye on TS Fiona. It's moving so fast that it shouldn't have time to develop into anything too big before it gets here, but anything that was barely holding on will likely topple with the extra push. We also don't really need any more rain right now. Later in the week, I will definitely start focusing on the storm behind Fiona because it came off of Africa pretty low, has a lot of time to form, and just seems like a name to live on for infinity (Hurricane Gaston - Gasp-on?) pummels the Caribbean...Let's hope not.

Thanks again everyone and if we can help, just let us know.