Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Turned on the Hurricane Machine?

I'm starting to feel like I'm standing in front of one of those machines that lobs tennis or baseballs at you.

Danielle (1) did exactly what she was supposed to do, although is still taunting Bermuda.

Forecasts for Earl (2) have been all over the place. We wake up in the morning and some of the models have the darn thing going right over us with winds over 100mph, then later in the day we're not even supposed to get wet. This morning, the forecasts have it a bit south again (closer to us) with 3 days worth of westward movement (bad, very bad). Then some ridge is supposed to suddenly turn it north so it misses us. So we're going to watch this thing come right at us and then turn at the last minute. Still our beating hearts!

Should we dodge that one, then we get to deal what will surely be Fiona (3). It's too early for any predictions to be evenly remotely accurate, but a couple of tracks have her coming over us, while others have it doing the exact same thing Earl is doing.

Meanwhile, a fourth storm (4!) is already developing legs and it hasn't even left the shores of Africa yet. This one is coming off a bit high (notice it's already more north than #3), so will hopefully not even fake us out.

What stinks about this scenario is that one system affects the other and with storms in front of those storms, it's almost impossible to predict what each one is going to do. Danielle slowed down a bit, which threw winds back at Earl, which is why Earl got a bit closer to us yesterday. There are so many factors at play now that it's really just a game of wait and see. Las Vegas actually has bets on things like the outcome of The Bachelor. Wonder if they place bets on hurricane tracks?

So we wait. Water? Check. Flashlights/Batteries? Check. Since our propane stove will still work, food shouldn't be a problem, although anything in the fridge might go kapoot. Hope our friends with generators have stocked up on fuel. We'll buy them a couple of gallons if they'll let us put our food in their fridge! Yep, things sure are getting interesting.