Monday, September 6, 2010

Beaches: Banana Bay, S Friars, Cockleshell/Reggae

So this weekend was all about the beaches. After Earl ruined last weekend, we decided we needed a serious sand fix. First up: Banana Bay. This is usually pretty quiet too (like Sandy Bank), although closer to amenities like Spice Mill. It also has good snorkeling.

While we were sitting there soaking up the sun, Pat nonchalantly mentioned that it was Steve's birthday. What did he get? Some dry bread and some ham & cheese...and a beer. What else can a man want (except maybe some mayo; tomato, etc.) He seemed happy. Happy Birthday!

The next day, we suggested our blogger fans from Puerto Rico, Priscilla and Scott, come with us down to Sandy Bank for the day. They were on the search for some monkeys so we hoped we could find some before they headed back to their "concrete jungle" as they called San Juan (we finally saw some down by Reggae bar). A lot of squalls were passing through so we drove them around the Peninsula a bit, hitting Shipwreck first. You can see that the beach recovered some. There was a bit of damage where sand disappeared from under one of their bar juts (and beach stairs), but there's still plenty of seating. No monkeys though.

We drove them to a few outlooks here and there - this one in the Turtle Beach area. I just love the views up here.

Then we went to Spice Mill for some liquid and then headed over to Sandy Bank. Where it rained...and rained...and rained. It got cold! The water was kind of rough too, so never mind. A bunch of our pals had returned from various trips and would be down at Reggae, so we headed there (oddly it was sunny over there). Wilbur actually got up for a change (peed for a good 5 minutes) and posed with Priscilla.

He was also pretty interested in Scott's French fries. Wilbur is blind but had no problem locating the food. Sounds a bit like Michael after a late night.

So that was it. I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do because I had camera envy. Priscilla had bought Scott a really cool Canon ritzy camera with all the lenses. They took over a thousand pictures with it. I'm waiting on them to photoshop any pictures of me that need it (cut/paste face on body or vice versa - preferably Jennifer Aniston's, blur the wrinkles...) and we'll see how they come out.

Now we wait for the remnants of Gaston which is supposed to bring us rain, gusty winds, and possibly tornadoes. Now wouldn't that be weird?