Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fiona - Hurry up and Wait

So I got up this morning at my usual 5am (ugh, I know) wondering what the heck had happened to TS Fiona. We should have been seeing rains by then. Wanting to go running, I checked the radar and thought I had forgot to hit the Refresh button, so hit it again. The storm looked like it was in the exact same position it was in when I went to bed. You know, these storms are really starting to tick me off.

Everything's still to the east of us. She slowed down to half her speed during the night, so isn't due now until late morning/early afternoon. Hard to say though all the satellite pictures show the storm right over us but the actual radar shows it's still to our east and going north. I'm glad it's not actually my job to predict/forecast these things because I'd have an ulcer by now.

Well, that meant it was safe for me to go for my run. I run/walk to White House Bay and back to Frigate, so figured I could also look for that reefed cargo ship. Gosh it's hot and humid out there. I was totally thrown off when the "sun" rise was occurring in front of the Marriott, when I realized that I was looking at moon rays. Pretty cool.

I ran along the ocean-side of the road first and although I didn't see the wreck, I was surprised to have enough visibility to see Antigua, St. Barths, and St. Martin way in the distance. See if you can see Antigua - a little to the left. You may see just lots of battleship grey, but its there.

The ocean was deceptively calm, but I could hear the waves crashing on the beach.

This abandoned freighter has been off island for awhile now, but it seems like it's getting closer (maybe it's my imagination)...look at how calm the sea is around it right now.

On my way back, I think I spotted the wreckage, just southeast of S Friar's Bay (where Shipwreck restaurant is - do we need to mention the irony here?).

It's really a shame they couldn't scramble along the rocks west a bit because they would have leisurely walked up the beach to the main road. Chances are, they would have gotten there right as Michael was passing - serendipity baby! Instead, they scrambled up this hill for 3 hours coming to a house so big they thought it was a hotel.

At least it turned out ok. Before I was finished, I ran into the real reason I like running this early.

This one had a baby underneath her belly (there were actual several mommies out there). Can you see its cute little face peeping out?

I ran into a friend's dog on the golf course and took it home and then got back and started picking gnats out of my eyes (I'm not kidding), hair, ears, and teeth (ok, I did exaggerate a bit there). With the pests crawling in my sweaty hair I was starting to think I was a scream queen in a B movie - Invasion of the Kittitian Gnats! - without the screaming part (I prefer to think I was just whimpering).

Michael just emailed me that the sailboat in Major's Bay definitely sank and that it looked like an emergency raft had been deployed. How scary. He just called the St. Kitts Coast Guard. Turns out the boat's name is Unicorn and one person from the boat is in the hospital. Big sigh of relief (not that they're in the hospital, but because they're alive). There is going to be some serious story-telling going on when that person starts talking!

Fiona is truly taking forever to get here. A plane just flew overhead and the skies are darkening up north a bit. The NW side of the island might be the only part of the island to get wet though. We shall see.

And here's why I try not to look at storms too early. This will soon be Gaston. It'll hit anywhere from Grenada to the south, to just below us, or avoid the Caribbean all together and go terrorize my Mom again. Yep, helpful.

I couldn't help but take a peek.