Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hash Limp-ics 2010

So yesterday was a much needed day of frivolity and stupidity. I have to admit I wasn't really in the mood to go, especially when I woke up to this.

But we've hashed in worse and knew the show would go on, so...Michael got up early and headed down the peninsula to get some fire wood for the bonfire later, I made myself do some work just to keep myself from going back to bed, and by 1, we were heading for Banana Bay for the big shindig.

Normally, there's an actual hash/hike before the games begin, but the organizers felt that this didn't leave enough time for the fun part, so cut it out this time. They also moved up the time. I did question the wisdom of this, as had it been sunny it would have been a lot of time in the sun, but that was certainly not an issue this year.

As usual, it took a lot of time for the revelers to show up, which is exactly why the hash organizers had seen it in their wisdom to move the time up. If you say come at 1pm, people will come at 3pm, which in this case would be perfect. And that's exactly what happened.

So while we were waiting for everyone to grace us with their presence (the games required lots of people for teams), we decided to follow Heather's lead (in orange shirt) and try to channel some of the rain water that was flooding the beach down to the sea (the games would be on the beach, you see).

This turned into quite a project, with Michael really getting into it.

You can see it was working though, that was quite a flow. By the end there, this engineering fete had drawn quite a crowd and beach-side critics, but the project was a success.

With Mr. X's arrival, war paint and all (posing with fellow warriors Carrot-Top and Chaunecy (sp?), it was time for the games to begin.

First up, was naming the teams and making our flags. We (meaning I) were the orange team (Michael was red), so ended up calling ourselves de Orange Crush. There's Michelle jumping right in there (BTW, her sister is selling Stone Walls restaurant in downtown Basseterre for a song, so if interested you can contact her via Facebook).

Most island cars/buses/taxis have nicknames sprawled across their windshields. Heather's didn't, but the hood of her car now proudly proclaims the vehicle to be de Orange Crush with all kinds of fruit depictions and threatening statements to red and blue opponents (as the ink soaked through the fabric). Sorry about that Heather! Here was the final product. That's Professor John waving our flag proudly there.

First up was the coconut toss. Notice it was all men that volunteered for this one. There's Michael getting ready to flob his coconut (um, that didn't sound right).

Then it was the kids turn. My pictures of that stank, but here are the crowds cheering them on (almost 100 people turned out!).

Then it was time for the old tie a bun from a tree and make 4 people from each team put their hands behind their backs and eat it faster than everyone else game. This turned out be hilarious.

Here's Ella getting a good mouthful.

If these guys didn't know each other before, they did now. Hey! Hands behind the back!

Michael bonding with a lovely young woman we don't know.

Poor (?) Alex (the teenager of the guy who bought our boat), getting a little intimate with a team member (did I mention the hands!).

Go Michael & Kat! Friends with benefits?

The idea was to have the 2 team members get a mouthful of bun and then bow out to let the other 2 team members to do the same. Switch, repeat. But look at the amount of food in Kat's mouth (in white at right) - it might be a bit before she can jump back in (sorry Kat, but I thought it was funny)! Get this girl a beer!

de Orange Crush wins - wahoo!!

And then my camera died. Boo! But Michael had his. Yay! So the next game requires players to dunk a towel in the sea, toss it from player to player, up to a bucket where the towel gets wrung out as much as possible before being tossed back down to the sea.

This gets repeated until the bucket is full of water.

Look at the guns on the guys on the Red Giants team (that's Big Sexy, right). I think the blue team won that one though (we came in last - boo).

Believe it or not, it didn't rain on us at all the entire day. We had a great breeze, cooling clouds, and even a rainbow.

Flag fight!!!

Did someone say egg toss?

On to the 3-legged race.

You have to laugh at the kid's version. Poor Ella (in red) got teamed with a tiny little thing and had to worry more about crushing her team member than running and winning the relay.

By this time we had learned that de Orange Crush was in the lead - wahoo! Time for some blind-folded balloon popping.

And then Michael's camera died. Boo. So there will have to be a Part 2 to the blog once Tina gets around to sharing the photos she took (thanks Tina! - hope the rope burn around your ankles from the 3-legged race and rope burns on your palms from the tug-of-war heal quickly!).

What came next was spinning around a stick, dizzily running to a cup of beer, drinking said beer without using any hands, and running back, which was quite entertaining. Up until then, I had been using the excuse that I was playing photographer as a reason not to embarrass myself participating in any of this juvenile foolishness; but I didn't have that excuse anymore, so I ended up in the last game before darkness set in. Oh yeah, and it was perfect for my skillset. The tug-of-war (jeez). Has anyone seen my arms lately? Sorry team! I'm not sure we had a chance though - de Orange Crush was lean and limber (some might say puny) and we were up against the likes of Mr. X and Big Sexy. In the end, the Blue Dragons won. Hrmph.

The bonfire was started, the food and drink continued, and we hung out enjoying the great breeze and fun company until around 9. It was a long day, but a fun one. Again, we have to thank the volunteers that put this all together and the fellow hashers that showed up and participated. A big shout out to the businesses that donated prizes for the winners too (Port Zante shops, Digicil, The Cable, Island Hopper, Feran's Toys, etc.), Any of you new to the blog should search our blog for "hash" and see what other fun we've had and then find the nearest chapter to you and join in (it's free!).

With no storms filling the air with moisture and stealing our wind making things sticky and miserable, we're hoping for a nice beach day today too. So far it looks like Igor to the east is going elsewhere. Looks like..