Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hash Limp-ics Part II

I just had to post these as the faces are hysterical. The photos were taken on Tina's camera, but were shot by various folks wielding the thing. Appreciate it chicka!

As I mentioned in the last post, the 2 final games played Saturday were a spin, run and drink game; and a tug-of-war.

First up, spin, spin, spin, spin (some teams spun more than others, but who was counting?).

Now run! Go Tina!

Now drink with your hands behind your back.

Run back and let someone else make a fool of themselves.

Then there were three rounds of tug-of-war. First up was de Orange Crush against the Red Giants. A bit of a difference between the teams (bring it on Mikey, I'm ready!)

Look at these intense faces!

We almost pulled them over!!!!!

I'm laughing here knowing that what's left of my arm strength is about to embarrass me (although if I had known we were that close!!!!). That was a bathing suit by the way (it looked like it was going to rain and we were on a beach, nor was I planning to get yanked across the beach via rope), so I was not doing any Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton moves there.

As it turns out, I was right, but I wasn't alone.

I think the other team was glad to be done too. Except that they weren't...

Next up, the Red Giants against the Blue Dragons. Again...these faces!

Think Mr. X knows he has them?

He might look like he's single-handing it there, but his teammates have his back (the guy in front is Jacumba's current owner; and since Jacumba is out of commission until the insurance company coughs up some $ to fix the lightning damage, he's got time for some land-based fun).

Um, hard to pull this way...guess who lost?

So that meant the Blue Dragons against de Orange Crush for the title.

One more pull from them...

and, oh noooooooo, not again! Pouty 1

So the Blue Dragon team won the whole Limp-ics. yay. Pouty

But what is YAY is that it's Michael's birthday today!!! Happy birthday, you old fart! Birthday Balloon 2

So my Mom sent us a Fed-X package which turned out to be a pain in the butt both to send and pick up, but was totally appreciated. I enjoyed the goodies I got (she is my Mom after all) and the kitties enjoyed the box it all came in.

Michael & I both got a good laugh at the pretzel labels - and we're taking them seriously too. We haven't seen pretzels lately, but the ones they carry here don't taste like Snyder's anyway, so we were very happy to get them (notice whose is open already).

I have a gift for Michael that I picked up in Puerto Rico. Now let's see...which of these gifts came from my Mom and which one is mine?

You have to give me props for using what I had - paper bag, tin foil, and a garbage bag tie wrap for a bow. I thought I had some balloons to add, but they're in a melted mush ball so the balloon candles will have to do.

Not a huge evening planned as it's a work week, but can't go into any more detail in case he's reading. More later.