Saturday, September 18, 2010

Igor's Passing

So yesterday, Hurricane Igor was so humongous people were feeling some of its affects from Trinidad at the southern tip of the Caribbean up to the Florida coast. Pretty impressive. The seas and oceans are definitely churned up and we've got a fantastic breeze. Seriously, all I can say is aaah - meaning feels good. As opposed to how Bermuda's feeling right now - aaaagh! Let's hope this storm deteriorates a bit before it gets there.

Oddly, when Earl passed through, seas were sickeningly rough, but not all that high on the beaches. This time around, the surge is pretty high on the north (ocean) side of the island. Here's the North Frigate area, on Thursday with seas going all the way up to the surge wall in front of The Sea Loft villas.

Not exactly a good spot to go horseback riding.

Might have been a fun surfing day though.

The reefs in front of the Marriott were definitely getting pummeled.

There are always a few people determined to frolic in the water no matter what though.

There's a guy who kite-boards in front of the Marriott in pretty rough conditions so I'm kind of wondering if he'll be out there this weekend. Bet that'd be a fun ride. Crazy people.

We headed over to The Strip then to see how S Frigate Bay was doing. It was a bit rough earlier in the day.

Look at how nice the beach looks though. Hurricane Earl really built this beach back up (undoing what Hurricane Omar did a couple of years ago) and removed a lot of the boulders too. Much better. Volleyball nets are all repaired too. You don't keep The Strip down for long people.

The water calmed down throughout the day to just choppy allowing the determined to get wet.

While we were down there, it occurred to us that we hadn't had French fries at the Monkey Bar yet, so did so.

Sorry, Bingi not our island favorite (and we get more at some of the other places), but the beer was ice cold and the music was fun so we stayed and people watched for a while.

Just in case you ever wondered why veterinarian wanna-be's come all the way to the Caribbean to go to university. This is truly the way to study.

We stayed for a couple of hours, went to leave and ran into a bunch of friends so ended up at The Dock. Hey looky - the horses found a beach to walk on.

Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack setting up for the Fireman bonfire.

Not a bad day overall.

BTW, it was a holiday (Thursday) - National Heroes Day. This day is pretty much dedicated to Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw who many Kittitians see as the the island's Father of Independence - which brings us to our next holiday on Monday, Independence Day. Apparently "independence" is a relative term though, as St. Kitts is still a commonwealth of Britain.

So this weekend there are all kinds of things going on for the holidays (calendar) - I can not tell you the trouble I went through to get some of this information...What are we going to do? No idea. I do know that we're going to enjoy these awesome winds until they disappear on Monday (of course, there's already another NHC circle off of Africa...).

One last thing: I was just reading what one Storm Carib weather correspondent , Marion Dyer, from Bermuda had to say about what's happening there. Click on this picture of waves they had on Friday. Friday! Igor isn't even going to get there until Sunday night/Monday morning and they're seeing waves like this already. Holy cow! Hurricane Karl isn't being too nice to Mexico either...Good luck guys. The count down to November 30th is on.