Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So I heard....

So Thursday our power went out for 6 hours. Our fridge got warm enough that our newly bought sliced cheese congealed into one big mound, which means we now need a knife to pry the pieces apart. Yesterday, one load of laundry made it through the washing machine, and I had just sat down to start writing/typing when the power went out. We're not allowed to hang things outside our rental, so I had to get creative decorating the interior with our unmentionables until they dried. Then I read a book for 3 hours until the power came back on. I have never been so happy to see the blades on the ceiling fan start spinning again. Air...I needed air! I was tempted to fill the tub with cold water and sit in there until the power came back on. It's hot! This morning, I had a visitor for a couple of hours, they left, I powered up my computer to get some work done, and the power went out...

I called Michael to see if there was any chance he was in town or coming into town so I could hitch a ride somewhere with power & internet, lucking out when he said he was on his way to the hardware store downtown. Yay! He called back 2 minutes later and told me he couldn't get off the peninsula due to an overturned fuel truck. Boo! I thought maybe the unlucky driver hit an electric pole or something, but it all just seems to be a coincidence.

It's not easy working on an island. I debated walking the hills in the hot, noon-day sun toward the Marriott which I knew had a generator, but just hoped the power would come back on quickly and grabbed my book again (and stripped out of most of my clothes - aaaaiiiiiirrrrrr). After about 2 hours, I was back in business. I checked the news sources to see if anyone mentioned what is going on with the electricity department, but only saw an article about the peninsular accident. Peninsular?

I didn't find any mention of power outages per se, but I did run across this article about meter/fuse shortages; more bad English, except this time by the interviewee ("some meters stay long to come," what does that mean?); and the comment that "rumors" about equipment failures were unfounded. Really? I'm pretty sure my power being out 3 times in less than a week has not been a rumor.

Here's the best though. You'll note that the ZIZ article on the fuel truck spill said that there was minimal damage and no injuries and implied that there wasn't much fuel spilled. Michael just walked through the front door and said that he had heard that the driver had been medivac'd out and had died. He also said that there was a ton of damage to the truck (it looked like it had jack-knifed), with the fuel tank detached from the main portion. Hmm. He was amazed when he saw the firefighters standing around without any breathing apparatus on despite the fumes (although one had on a medical mask - ??). Even better was them shoveling the spilled fuel beside the road (a lot of it and to where exactly? Don't know), occasionally hitting concrete. Concerned about sparks, Michael asked someone nearby if anyone (either the truck driver or firemen had foam, just in case, and got laughed at). Before he turned around and headed back to work, he overheard that officials were talking about bringing in people all the way from Barbados to assess the situation before they opened the road again (but they won't bring in outside police forces?). Well, that's a bit different than the ZIZ report, don't you think?

So I did an internet search to see if I could find another article on the accident and found this one. It pretty much backed Michael up, but said that the driver (and a gassed-out fireman) were in stable condition. Hope that article's right and the driver's ok, but how can you know? Needless to say, rumors do run rampant on an island this small, but I'm not sure we ever really get to the bottom of most of them (like what really happened with those beached coast guard boats?). Not easy trying to get the news here...or give it.