Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sore Arms and Sunburns

Today was the kayak for "charity" between St. Kitts and Nevis. I think the charity was to get a couple of guys to the NY Marathon or something, but what does it matter? Someone was able to talk over 30 people into kayaking from St. Kitts to Nevis and back (and PAY for the privilege to abuse themselves for the cause). We would have, but we were on a budget (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). There are a number of charity events coming up so we have to pace ourselves. We did decide to support the participants though.

We understood that the event would begin at 8:30am. If there were a lot of entrants for this insanity, there would be a 2nd batch taking off around 11:30. I skipped my morning run, we both skipped breakfast, and we headed down to cheer on the folks in the 1st batch. We got there and the beach was deserted. Huh? Turns out they started 1/2 hour early at 8am. So apparently some folks got the memo, but not all as a couple of kayakers were a bit miffed at being left behind. Since when do events start early?

We took advantage of this development and drove back home to eat breakfast. Hey - look what we found - bread!!!

We headed back at 11:30am and learned that the best time from the 1st batch was 1 hour and 15 minutes for the approximately 4 mile round trip. Not bad.

Here's everyone getting ready for Round 2.

Ready, set....


It was bumper-car city as the teams tried to figure out how to work together. Here's what the rest of us were doing.

For a long time we stared at this:

The next thing we knew here came 2 kayaks neck and neck. Hurry!!

It wasn't enough that they hit shore, they had to run for a bell sitting on a desk a ways across the hot sand. Seriously - hurry!!!


The first place winners beat the third place winners (which included a 13-year old) by 4 seconds. What a race!

We knew 2 teams in the contest, both get kudos for finishing but we won't talk about their times. Let's just say they didn't come in last. That left the kids full of energy, Mike included.

If you look closely in the background you can see Wilbur the pig up and about. You can also see our friend Kat (the other adult in the picture - and I use that term loosely). Kat ran the Brimstone Fortress run Saturday morning - winning it for her age group. The Fortress run was short but incredibly steep...she ran as a fluke (she was just going to walk with her kids but they told her they didn't need her - aah, the joy of children)...and won (under 13 minutes). Then she ran her usual Saturday 20 miles for the day. This morning she kayaked 4 miles and was now playing soccer. The energizer bunny has nothing on this girl. She kind of scares me...

Next week is a charity to help a local school combined with our usual hash. Kat will be there and so will I - I don't want to run anywhere near that crazy woman. Help me!