Monday, October 4, 2010

In the Pocket

Up until now, with a few exceptions, we've kind of been in a weather pocket all season. Nasty weather surrounds us and looks very threatening, but other than a few showers, nothing happens. This, of course, is not a complaint just an observation. The southern beaches keep taking a bit of a beating though - I can hear and even smell the sea from my apartment (and I'm not that close).

You could see it in the pictures of the run and it's looked like that since as well. The pocket's really obvious on this radar picture.

Since it was so dreary yesterday, we went to see Wall Street's movie sequel. It had a lot of potential, but was too long and ended rather strangely. It's almost as if the editors figured out it was too long too and just hurriedly summed it all up in a nice package with a bow on it so we could go home. I liked all the NYC vista shots (and there were many), since NY will always be home to me (no matter how crowd-weary I've become), but I'm not sure I can recommend the movie.

It has definitely gotten cooler - I've had to put socks on! I haven't felt nippy in over a year and a half! Even the cats are cuddling with us.

The pocket-effect changed around 3pm when it started raining and hasn't stopped. Apparently, a developer in the hills rerouted rainwater from his property and this caused a small mudslide in the Camps/Beacon Heights area. It sounded like this happened during last nights rain (which must have been heavier there), but has already been bull-dozed out and the routing issue solved. I didn't get the impression any houses were affected. Considering the rain has really just started, I'm a bit worried about what things might look like by morning.

Check out this out:

That was as of 5:30pm. Could be a looooong night. The local news station just mentioned a flash flood in affect. It's 75 degrees - brrrr.