Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interesting Day - Grounded Freighter, Bird Rock, Michael's, Bary's, Ackee, The Strip

So I had a rather interesting day. I was determined to get outside today rain or not, so headed out. I wanted to add some info for some of the blog pages on the sidebar, so readied myself for a looooong walk. I even put my butt-workout sneakers on.

Because I wanted to check out the Bird Rock Resort, I walked the back way to town. Look at the waves from high up the cliff.

It turns out I was standing in a red ant nest, so I hope you appreciated those pictures. Ouch! Look at them again.

There's the grounded oil freighter.

The resort seemed to be in the midst of a little rehab, but the front desk folks were very friendly. Turns out only 1 (Diana's) of the 3 restaurants is open. I tried to get down to the bar on the beach, Rocky's (which is closed), but would have gotten a bit wet, so changed my mind.

If I were staying at the resort, I'd want to be in this unit. Can you get any closer to the action? They're sort of like those tiki huts over the water in Tahiti (sort of).

Someone had told me about a place called Michael's near the resort (owned by the same guy who ran the Michael's that used to be on The Strip) and I wanted to find it. Turns it out it wasn't open, but it looks like a really cute place.

It's kind of like the kind of bars we used to see in the Bahamas. It's a shame he's doing so little marketing of himself. I definitely want to go back some time to check it out.

Bary's was looking a bit forlorn, so I'll have to come back. Having a different view, I saw that the freighter was closer to shore than I thought. Let's hope no oil spills shall we?

Then I had to go to the bank to cash a check. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've been inside a bank? Me neither. Even when I opened my first account in my early 20s, I always used the ATM. It was quite the privilege to have 6 people in front of me and stand in line for over an hour...

Then I took the long way back figuring I'd stop off at the Ackee Cafe. I've heard that they're doing things like Trivia night (although asking British trivia, so guess we won't be going to that) and other stuff, but again - no internet presence and no advertising other than signs out front and word of mouth. I got offered a ride about 10 minutes from my destination and turned it down because I figured I was close enough. Got there and it was closed!!! It was about 1:30 - what the heck was that all about? I had no spit! I needed a Diet Coke! Whaaaa!

Fine, so I started walking again and got about 15 minutes from The Strip when a taxi slowed down and told me to get in. Before I could make my, no-thanks face, he yelled at me that it was free and he was going where I was going so I should do things the island way. Alrighty. Turns out he was Adonis (who runs taxi tours) and whose Aunt, Isha, owns Breezes on The Strip. Here's Adonis striking a pose in front of a mean sea.

I noticed that Adonis' business card included an email address. I asked him if he actually checked it (I thought I'd send him that picture), and he laughed and said it wasn't the island way. I told him that I was figuring that out and he asked me to check it for him. When I explained that I needed access to his account, he shrugged. Maybe that's the business I need to run - checking/answering the emails of the various businesses here. They sure don't.

Anywho, that worked out well, since Breezes was one of the bars I had never caught open. It still wasn't, but the owner was there and she was really friendly. With this cruddy weather, most bars aren't quite ready to implement their in-season festivities, so I'll go back at the end of the month and see what's what. She may do a comedy night, which would really be fun.

I did a quick detour to Rainbows for a Coke Zero (close enough) only to have the guy there ask me if I had a nice walk. He didn't seem chagrined at all that he passed me and didn't offer me a ride. Hmmm

The Strip seemed to be holding up pretty well considering. The Frigate Bay Association was even picking up seaweed.

Then I wandered toward the Marriott to take a few pictures of the restaurants in that direction (and to make an appointment to get my hair done at Max's salon). It looks like a pizza place is coming.

There's also an Indian restaurant replacing the steak place.

Then it was time to head back. I was just 10 minutes away from home when I could see the wall of rain coming. Adonis where are you?!!

Darn it! I threw on my rain jacket and put up my umbrella, but still ended up with squishy socks & shoes. I'm glad I didn't try to wait it out, as a check of the radar once I made it home showed that we were going to get wet for a while. So a little bit of everything there in just 4 hours!

I actually got an email from ZIZ saying that they have the video that shows the interviews of Mike and friends from the race ready for me to pick up. Too bad I don't know where the office is... I also got an email warning us of possible power outages tomorrow. I might actually be able to PLAN! There is hope!

Ok, I am going to take a hot shower and get back into my flannel pjs. Stop laughing.