Friday, October 1, 2010

Johnny Cakes

So I ran across a newsletter from the St. Kitts Marriott (received the usual silence upon asking them how to get on the mailing list) and in it was a Johnny Cakes recipe. I thought I'd share it with those of you not in the Caribbean and missing them. Here's a grams to ounces converter if you need one.

I always wondered what exactly those were and now know that although they're dangerous to the waist line, they're safe to eat (for vegetarians). I think I'll try to make them sometime.

It's been a bit messy out there with some really heavy rains over night, so I'm guessing those to the west of us (and eventually north) are going to deal with a stronger version again. We've got some weird activity to our east we're keeping an eye on. Whatever comes, we hope it waits until Sunday or Monday, so we can take part in the Family Fun Run/hash.

A quick follow-up on the overturned truck - the driver is reportedly ok with bruised ribs and a few other scrapes. Of course, that's just what we heard.

October is National Tourism Month, so I expected all kinds of events to post and maybe attend. Frustratingly, just like the Heroes/Independence Day holiday weekend, a schedule has been issued with no details. Two weeks ago, I contacted the Ministry of Sports about that Torch run. I was told to email them for more details, did so twice, and still have no info. If anyone from the tourism department or government is reading this, I'm begging you to learn that it's not enough to plan and announce events, you have to provide information so people can actually attend them.